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New Angus genomics test for seedstock

AGI Angus GS product logo
The new 50K genomic test for Angus breeders is now available from AGI.
AGI says new 50K test is Angus specific, more accurate, easier to collect.

A new, 50K genomic profile specifically for Angus breeders has been introduced by Angus Genetics Inc., in cooperation with Neogen GeneSeek.

The Angus GS is a full 50K test that is available to breeders for $37 from Angus Genetics Inc. (AGI).

Angus GS is intended for genomic selection practices, such as testing DNA on the entire calf crop to pick the most-desired heifers and bull calves.

It is available for sale now from the AGI website.

Besides the Angus-specific test and a price that AGI says is 50% lower than comparable tests, the new Angus GS now offers use of the Allflex Tissue Sampling Units, which are part of Allflex's eartagging system. These take only seconds to use and are much simpler than blood collection, which takes longer and is more prone to error, said a company spokesman. The Allflex TSUs also help prevent cross contamination between animals.

AGI also says the new Angus GS test added 10,000 new Angus gene markers to the core content and will continue improving accuracy as AGI geneticists keep adding data.

AGI also says it has added these things:

  1. Fertility – Angus GS detects blocks of DNA scientifically associated with embryo health. AGI scientists aim to pinpoint genes that enhance fertility.
  2. Feed efficiency – The new profile test detects genetic regions that affect feed efficiency in the Angus breed. AGI will continue to push ahead on efficient feed conversion.
  3. Tenderness – Angus GS contains standard tenderness markers plus genes that may influence meat quality in Angus cattle.
  4. Great promise on the genomic frontier – Potential markers included with Angus GS determine health traits and environmental adaptability.

Learn more at the AGI website:

Source: AGI

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