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gas pump closeup Courtesy of MCGA
MORE THAN 200 AND GROWING: More than 200 Minnesota stations currently offer flex fuels. In 2017, more than 19 million gallons of 88 Octane, also known as E15, were sold in Minnesota — a 230% increase over 2016.

MCGA revamps E15 website, renews push for flex fuels

The organization’s new marketing campaign will reach metro area consumers.

 The Minnesota Corn Growers Association has retooled its flex-fuel website, making it more consumer-friendly for customers searching for stations and information on ethanol blends. features a station locator, flex-fuel vehicle identifier and information on ethanol blends, and a blog offers updated information on ethanol-related topics.

According to MCGA, the popularity of ethanol-blended fuels in Minnesota has reached an all-time high in recent years. In 2017, more than 19 million gallons of 88 Octane, also known as E15, were sold in Minnesota — a 230% increase over 2016. Locations selling 88 Octane surpassed 200 for the first time in 2017, and more stations are expected to sell it. E85 sales in 2017 also increased nearly 18% over the prior year.


Kirby Hettver

“It is clear that Minnesotans are interested in clean, renewable and homegrown options at the pump,” says Kirby Hettver, MCGA president. “With more locations offering 88 Octane, we’re excited to help connect consumers to retailers who are offering lower-priced, high-performance ethanol-blended fuels.”

On the revised website, consumers can find Minnesota stations offering 88 Octane or flex fuels by entering their location or clicking the icon to have their location detected. From there, they can choose which station they would like to visit and then get directions to that station via Google or Apple Maps.

Also on the website, consumers can find out if their cars are approved for higher ethanol blends by searching if their vehicles are flex-fuel compatible. 88 Octane is approved for use in all cars with model year 2001 and newer. The website’s blog features the latest ethanol news, research, station openings and more.

To raise awareness of, MCGA recently launched a marketing campaign reaching metro area consumers via billboards, digital ads, radio ads, Pandora and the popular app Gas Buddy, which is used to compare gas prices at various gas stations.

“Promotion of E15 can help stimulate demand and increase corn grind,” Hettver adds. “This is the best, most feasible way we can help to stimulate ethanol consumption in light of the many waivers that EPA has issued to refiners, effectively reducing demand for ethanol — and therefore, demand for corn.”

Check out the redesigned website at and consider bookmarking it on your phone for future travel.

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