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Holstein cows in feeding in barn
GOOD DEAL: Dairy will get support from the new North Dakota Livestock Alliance, which aims to help expand the state’s livestock industry and strengthen connections with communities and consumers.

North Dakota Livestock Alliance to promote livestock production, development

Farmers form alliance to help other farmers raise livestock successfully and responsibly in North Dakota.

I’m glad to see North Dakota ag groups get together to form the North Dakota Livestock Alliance. Its mission is to help develop and expand the livestock industry in the state, help farmers raise livestock responsibly and successfully, and strengthen local consumers’ connection with agriculture.

The nonprofit, nonpartisan organization was developed through a collaboration of agricultural organizations that support livestock production and development, and includes the North Dakota Corn Utilization Council, North Dakota Soybean Council, North Dakota Pork Council, North Dakota Farmers Union, Midwest Dairy Association and North Dakota Ethanol Council. The North Dakota Department of Agriculture and North Dakota State University are ex officio partners of NDLA.

The NDLA plans to assist farmers, ranchers and communities with the development or expansion of the livestock industry. The NDLA will also work to strengthen the connection with consumers to instill confidence in the practices used by livestock owners, which will also help to create awareness of the food and products produced by the livestock industry.

“We are excited to announce the formation of the North Dakota Livestock Alliance,” says Craig Jarolimek, the NDLA chairman, representing the North Dakota Pork Council. “We want the Alliance to be a trusted resource for North Dakota farm families wanting to remain viable on the land and active in their communities. The agriculture industry continues to be a driving force in North Dakota, and many new and beginning farmers rely on livestock as a way to get back to the farm. We want to help grow farms in a responsible and successful manner that will provide a significant boost not only to the farmer, but to their community and quality of life as well."

NDLA receives funding from member organizations and is led by a board of directors.

The board of directors includes Kenton Holle of the Midwest Dairy Association, vice chairman; Scott German of the North Dakota Corn Utilization Council, secretary; and Austin Langley of the North Dakota Soybean Council, treasurer.

Currently, the NDLA is conducting a search for an executive director.

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