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Estes XPR 2 All Crop Concave - How Estes Concaves Are Revolutionizing John Deere and Case IH Combines

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Submitted by Estes Performance Concaves

Farmers and producers all across the US and world are all too familiar with some of the limitations and inconveniences with the modern combine harvester. The biggest of which is, changing concaves between various crops. This may not sound like a big deal, but when you factor in the hours worth of back breaking work on top of the high stresses that come with harvest season (often compounded by tight harvest windows due to weather, field conditions, etc) it’s obvious to see why Estes XPR2 All-Crop concave is eliminating many stresses and changing  John Deere and Case combines for the better. Think about it like this, how stressful would it be if every morning you woke up, you had to change the tires on your vehicle for that days weather conditions while trying not to be late for work.

Traditionally, farmers have had to keep multiple sets of combine concaves to harvest from one crop to the next. Crops such as corn and soybeans, thresh much different than crops such as wheat, canola and edible beans. Majority of farmers are very familiar with and often use two to three sets of combine concaves or a multitude of combinations depending on the crop and harvest conditions. These primarily include round bars concaves, large wire concaves and small wire concaves. For example, farmers use round bar concaves because they aren’t as likely to plug, are more open than wire concaves so they have more capacity but they thresh wheat and small grains poorly so they use small wire concaves for small grains, the wires are close together and provide significantly more surface area to thresh small grain than round bars.

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In order to go from corn to edible beans or wheat, the farmer has to spend hours of down time changing or reconfiguring concaves, sacrificing valuable harvest time. The farmer is also subject to harvest when the crop is ready, so sometimes that means switching back and forth between crops during a harvest season which means changing concaves multiple times. The pain and cost of  spending valuable harvest time changing out concaves and lost harvest time can adds up fast.

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Estes Performance Concaves XPR 2 All-Crop Concave has ended the need for changing concaves for John Deere and Case IH combines.  Estes Concaves thresh all crops and with performance that outperforms OEM in every crop. Something up to now has been unheard of, increasing the performance and user experience of John Deere and Case IH combines operators to the next level. Valuable harvest time is now spent in the cab harvesting rather than in the shop busting knuckles changing concaves. Estes Concaves XPR 2’s patented concaves are making life easier for farmers all across the world. In addition, the concaves are known to stop grain loss and produce world-class grain quality.

XtremeAg’s Chad Henderson shares his experiences with XPR2 concaves in his John Deere combines, watch below.

XPR2 Wheat Review - Chad Henderson XtremeAg.mov from Estes Concaves on Vimeo.


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