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Harvest 2017: Slow moving

Soybean harvest
Report shows the maturity of the corn crop is suffering the most with only 68% complete and frost dates approaching in many states.

The USDA crop progress report shows the corn and soybean harvest is off to a slow start. The report shows 17% of the corn crop is harvested, that’s down 9 points from the 26% average. In the Midwest, Illinois and Indiana are leading the way with 21% and 16% completed, respectively.

However, the progress is behind in upper Midwest states of Minnesota, Wisconsin and North Dakota with only 2% complete. South Dakota producers report 3% complete. Iowa farmers say they only have 6% finished and Michigan reports 7%.

Soybean harvest

The soybean harvest is also lagging with 22% complete compared to the four year average of 26%.

States moving forward in the Midwest include Illinois with 30% harvested along with Indiana and Ohio with 24%. Michigan farmers say they have 21% complete. However, things are moving slow in Minnesota with 13% complete; while Iowa and Wisconsin farmers say 16% is harvested in their states.

Corn condition

The crop progress report shows 49% of the corn crop in good condition; 14% in excellent and 25% in fair condition. That’s up a bit from last week’s 47% good; 14% excellent and 26% fair.

Soybean condition

Overall soybean condition is up a point from last week: 12% is in excellent condition; 48% good and 28% in fair condition. Last week, crop watchers reported 49% good; 11% excellent and 28% fair.

Dropping leaves

Report shows 80% of the soybean crop dropping leaves, up two points from the 78% four year average. Two states struggling to meet the 80% average in the Midwest: Missouri at 54% and Wisconsin 71%.

Illinois and Indiana are reporting 81% of the crop dropping leaves, while Minnesota reports 82% and Iowa at 84%.

Corn dented

Corn crop maturity is still slightly below the four year average when it comes to the amount dented and fully mature. The progress report shows 96% of the corn crop is dented, compared to the 98% four-year average.

States that are below the average include Pennsylvania (87%), Wisconsin (88%) and Michigan (89%).

Corn maturity

According to the crop progress report, only 68% of the corn crop is fully mature, that’s down from the four year average of 78%.

However, some states are further behind when it comes to maturity. Wisconsin farmers report only 41% mature; Colorado (42%); North Dakota (47%); South Dakota (52%); Minnesota (55%) and the states of Michigan and Ohio report 58%.

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