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Kicking off the grape season

February 25, 2020

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A new grape season has begun, and growers have a lot of decisions to make. Many of those decisions involve crop protection — including what fungicides, insecticides, miticides and herbicides fit best in their cropping system. After all, taking a proactive stance against disease, insects and weeds early usually means less pressure during the growing season and a greater return at harvest. UPL has a strong arsenal of protection for grape growers to use from bud break to harvest.


One of the first diseases a grape grower will encounter this season is powdery mildew. If left untreated, Botrytis can follow and cause double the trouble. Taking control early in the season can help prevent the establishment of these costly diseases. UPL offers a variety of fungicides for grapes to provide growers the protection they need, including ELEVATE®, MANZATE® PRO-STICK, MICROTHIOL® DISPERSS®, PH-D®, PROCURE® and TOPSIN® WSB.

ELEVATE Fungicide (FRAC group 17) provides locally systemic activity and is excellent at controlling Botrytis bunch rot and powdery mildew. ELEVATE can provide post-infection activity when applied early in the disease life cycle and has been shown to enhance the efficacy of other fungicides when used in a powdery mildew spray program. With a zero-day pre-harvest interval, you can use ELEVATE up to the day of harvest.

MANZATE PRO-STICK Fungicide (FRAC class M3) provides advanced formulation technology in the fight against key diseases such as dead arm and downy mildew.  A market-leading, multi-site, protectant fungicide, MANZATE PRO-STICK has effectively been used for decades without a reported incidence of resistance, making it a standard in almost any disease management program.

MICROTHIOL DISPERSS Fungicide (FRAC group M2) combines sulfur and science to deliver excellent efficacy in a superior formulation for powdery mildew. MICROTHIOL DISPERSS also provides the added benefit of mite control. A patented micronized formulation process ensures a more consistent spray coverage and greater surface contact than other sulfur products. 

PH-D Fungicide (FRAC Group 19) is a broad-spectrum fungicide that offers a high degree of powdery mildew and Botrytis control in grapes. Its benefit of a 0-day pre-harvest interval and 4-hour REI make it an excellent option for disease management sprays close to harvest. PH-D is the only product in FRAC group 19, making it an important resistance management tool.    

PROCURE Fungicide (FRAC group 3) is rated as one of the highest for powdery mildew control. PROCURE has both protective and curative efficacies in controlling diseases, as well as systemic activity in the plant. When applied in a powdery mildew spray schedule, PROCURE will enhance the activity of registered fungicides used for Botrytis bunch rot control. Also available under brand name TRIONIC Fungicide in a larger pack size.

If Eutypa dieback is your disease concern, TOPSIN WSB Fungicide (FRAC Group 1) is your go to brand. TOPSIN is a systemic fungicide that moves from top to bottom, and upward and outward within the leaves and stem. It is recommended that TOPSIN be rotated with fungicides in different FRAC groups. Use of TOPSIN WSB for Eutypa dieback is approved for use under specific state local need labels.   

Insecticides & Miticides

Some may consider mites and insects the most stubborn pests in a vineyard. Nothing can replace being proactive by diligently scouting the crop, determining your treatment threshold level and getting in early with your miticide treatment before a population explodes. UPL provides insecticides and miticides with the flexibility that growers need: quick knockdown, long-lasting control and selectivity on beneficial insects and predator mites, all for excellent IPM compatibility. These products include ACRAMITE® Miticide, KANEMITE® Miticide, VIGILANT® Miticide, ASSAIL® Insecticide and ZYLO® Insecticide.

Offering rapid knockdown and long residual control of all stages of spider mites, ACRAMITE and VIGILANT can be applied throughout the season. Easy on beneficial insects and predatory mites, both are ideal for integrated pest management programs.

KANEMITE offers fast knockdown of all stages of spider mites with a unique chemical subgroup, which also assists resistance management. With a short pre-harvest interval, KANEMITE is a great option to control two-spotted spider mites and Pacific spider mites towards the end of the season.

ASSAIL Insecticide is an effective broad-spectrum option when mealybug, leafhopper, thrips, aphid and/or whitefly is what you are seeking to control. With Lorsban moving out of the California market, ASSAIL is a perfect addition to your mealybug program. ASSAIL’s translaminar activity provides weeks of residual control to your insect management program.   

ZYLO is an excellent choice for control of a wide range of damaging lepidoptera pests, like grape berry moth and leafrollers. As an insect growth regulator, ZYLO won't disrupt beneficial insects, mites or pollinators in many crops. 


In California, growers should be aware of bothersome weeds such as glyphosate-resistant horseweed (marestail), fleabane and ryegrass. These weeds are easiest to control when they measure less than 3-4 inches tall and are still growing. For dependable weed control in grapes, UPL offers a portfolio of products including CASORON®, LIFELINE® and SATELLITE® Hydrocap Herbicides.

CASORON is an excellent choice for control of glyphosate-resistant horseweed (marestail), fleabane and ryegrass, as well as other hard-to-kill weeds such as Bermudagrass, bindweed and horsetail (Equisetum spp.). CASORON is a broad-spectrum pre-emergent and early post-emergent herbicide that provides a highly effective, long-lasting, non-selective herbicidal barrier that controls both germinating seeds and young, existing weeds by inhibiting growth of roots and shoots.

A non-selective, post-emergent herbicide, LIFELINE provides broad-spectrum weed control of some of the most challenging weeds, including glyphosate-resistant marestail, hairy fleabane, malva, and filaree. Using a unique mode of action, LIFELINE inhibits glutamine production in the weeds which leads to a breakdown in photosynthesis.  

For another option in pre-emergent weed control, grape growers can turn to SATELLITE Hydrocap. The newly developed and patent-pending encapsulation method offers growers a stable formulation to provide good shelf life and excellent mixing characteristics. SATELLITE Hydrocap delivers excellent control of grasses such as barnyard grass, ryegrass, seedling johnsongrass and witchgrass and troublesome small-seeded broadleaf weeds such as lambsquarters and waterhemp.

A strong finish always begins with a strong start. For more information, contact your local UPL sales representative.

Always read and follow label directions. ASSAIL and TOPSIN are registered trademarks of Nippon Soda Company, Ltd. UPL, the UPL logo, OpenAg and all products are trademarks of a UPL Corporation Limited Group Company. ©2020 UPL Corporation Limited Group Company. SPC-2013A

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