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FMC Corporation launches new Mustang Max EW for tree, fruit and vegetable crops

New, lower VOC Mustang Max EW insecticide from FMC Corporation has been registered on most California tree crops and vegetables.

New Mustang Max EW provides the same control as Mustang EW, according to FMC. The improved formulation has lower VOCs.

Mustang Max EW is approved for use on a variety of tree, fruit and vegetable crops. Among other crops, it is registered on cotton, corn, tree nut crops, most vegetables, tomatoes, alfalfa, pome fruit, rice, grapes, wheat, and stone fruit.

The new formulation provides consistent control of key insects such as peach twig borer, navel orangeworm, walnut husk fly, cabbage looper, aphids, leaf hoppers, silverleaf whiteflies and bollworm, among others.

“Improvements have been made to the previous Mustang EW formulation, resulting in a new formulation,” says Houston Joost, insecticide product development manager at FMC Corporation. “Growers in tree, fruit and vegetable crop segments can expect the same great fast-acting, long-lasting control from new Mustang Max EW as the previous formulation.”

With a one-day pre-harvest interval (PHI) for most vegetable crops, Mustang Max EW is compatible with most vegetable pesticides and is an excellent tank-mix partner with liquid fertilizers. In addition, there is no leaf burn with Mustang Max EW, according to FMC.

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