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10 retired ag teachers average nearly 40 years of service

retired ag teachers
WORK CREW: Ten retired ag teachers gathered to make benches for the Indiana FFA Leadership Center and to share stories about their teaching experiences.
Travel Indiana: Can you identify at least five of these men?

Joe Park recently held the second annual retired ag teachers workday at the Indiana FFA Leadership Center. The teachers built benches for newly renovated cabin bathhouses. There might have been more stories told per retired teacher than benches built per teacher, but it was an enjoyable experience for these veterans.

“I had plenty of jobs lined up, but it was more important for them to have some time to share stories with each other,” says Joe Park, Indiana FFA Center Director. “We’re grateful for the benches they made.”

The benches are the finishing touch to a two-year bathhouse renovation program, providing campers with upgraded facilities. The cabins are used by FFA campers, but also by others, including schoolchildren who come to learn about leadership and outdoor education. Some of these groups come thanks to a grant from the Lilly Foundation that helps cover costs of their trip. Many are from suburban or inner-city areas where outdoor education is not something they think about often.

Identify teachers
All you have to do to be eligible for a $25 gift card is identify five of the 10 teachers pictured above. Joe Park, the FFA center director, is in the picture, because he’s also a retired ag teacher. Here’s another hint: Dave Burgess, a retired ag teacher and one of the winners who correctly identified people in a similar picture in 2016, is in the picture.

If you don’t recognize five of these men but know in which building at the FFA center the picture was taken, you could still win a gift card. If you also include the retired ag teacher in the picture who taught the most years, and you are the recipient a gift card, you will get two gift cards!

Immediate family members of anyone in the picture aren’t eligible. Email [email protected] or write to: Indiana Prairie Farmer, P.O. Box 247, Franklin, IN 46131.

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