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Simplify grain handling with these productsSimplify grain handling with these products

What’s New From the Shows: Take a look at what engineers have developed to handle grain more efficiently.

Farm Progress staff

October 11, 2023

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If you handle grain and store it on the farm, a new product in this fall farm show roundup could make your life simpler, more efficient and safer. Some of these products can help you reach all three goals with one simple product.

Check out the entire list, and use the information provided to follow up and learn more about the products that intrigue you the most. Here are just a few examples of unique products that might make your time spent handling grain more productive:

Bucket elevator. Are you in the market for either a new grain leg or a replacement for the bucket elevator in an existing leg? Don’t sign off on a deal until you check out the new bucket elevator offering from Matthews Co.

Safer sweep. Do you still carry a sweep into the bin when it’s time to remove those remaining bushels and completely empty the bin? If you do, odds are it is light on protective covering over the auger flighting. Parsell Truck Equipment invented a way to cover more flighting. The company markets it as Boost-A-Sweep. It’s not only safer because more of the auger is covered, but it also cuts down on time required to complete the bin emptying and cleaning process. Metal plates cover more of the auger and prevent corn from slipping back onto clean areas.

Breaking a jam. If you’ve ever tried to free a stuck slide in a bin, to get things moving again, you should appreciate the second invention from Parsell Truck Equipment. Boost-A-Slide can help you break free stuck slides. Even if you only use it once, the time and frustration you save would be worth the cost.

Square bins. Who said bins must be round? Kongskilde introduces square, modular bins, ideal for storing specialty crops, feedstuffs and the like. They work outside, inside or under a building roof. Since they are modular, you can create the size of bin you want.

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