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Winter is the time to catch up

Courtesy of Mike Reskovac work being done on the Reskovac farm
GETTING IT DONE: No fieldwork on the Reskovac farm means that it’s time to clean up the barn and get things in order.
Growing season is too busy to get some things done around the farm.

During the winter on our farm, things move a little slower. More coffee is consumed, hot cocoa is a staple, and small projects get caught up on. 

Mike and I have had a list of things we have wanted to improve since we bought the farm. When we started building the house, some of those projects got put on hold. Now that there is a little more time, we are trying to get some of those things accomplished.

Mike: We finally had some time to clean up around the farm. We have a few older fencerows on the farm that had some old gates still attached; a couple had trees growing through them. The boys and I took a walk one afternoon with a Sawzall, and we cut them up and drug them back to the truck.

With the price of metal having gone up, we have been collecting scrap around the farm, making a trip to the junkyard about once a week. I have been having them load whatever they can pick up into the truck, and they have been getting a cut of what we take in. 

Sheilah: Mike has been putting some of the scrap money toward buying some new tools for other projects we have coming up.

I told the boys that we are saving some of their money for later, but they can use a little of their earnings to buy some new toys when we go to the store. So far, they have made two deposits and brought home a few new monster trucks for all their hard work.

They enjoy having some money of their own to buy things with. I love seeing their excitement as they help to make their bank deposits and then pick out their little toy. They act like such big boys as they hand the cashier their money.

Mike: My first big project this winter was working on our bank barn. I had a friend help for a couple of days, and we were able to make larger door openings for the downstairs of the barn. This has made it possible for me to store some equipment in there, which was something that we were not able to do before.

It’s nice having more on-farm storage. Now we need to finish it off with a couple of new sliding doors and maybe some new windows.

Sheilah: I know Mike will have at least one more trip to the junkyard soon. That troublesome auger from last fall is next on the list. I know I will be happy to see it go and know that it won’t cause any more grief for us. 

Stay tuned for more project updates!

The Reskovacs and their sons farm near Uniontown, Pa. Check out all of their "Two Hearts, One Harvest" blogs.

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