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Memorial Day wisdoms served up by the Koffe KlutchersMemorial Day wisdoms served up by the Koffe Klutchers

Life on the Farm Side: Koffe Klutchers minced no words about Memorial Day celebrators.

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WELL-WORTH IT: Remembering who paid for our freedoms is worthwhile.Dan Foote

Those who've served in our country's military and law enforcement know the true meaning of Memorial Day. They've paid a personal price — even a sacrifice — for protecting our nation. That was the opening topic at the other day's Koffe Klutchers.

• "Because of it, dummies are alive to grumble about paying higher prices for beer on the holiday," growled Fridge, a retired Marine.

• "Now we honor fallen law enforcement officers, too," added Barn Bette. "What does that tell you about the state of our nation?! At least I think I'm safe out here in the country."

• "Only because folks around here know ya enough to not mess with ya," replied C.M Duck, "and seeing your huntin' rifle in the pickup window helps."

• Nodding his head in agreement, Phil Osifer sed: "Preparedness is a good thing – with side benefits."

• "Freedom to grumble and celebrate carries a high price," reflected Preacher. "It's worth teaching and reminding all to remember who paid the bill."

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