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How to become an 'Agri-Ready County'

8 requirements that must be met to become an Agri-Ready County.

December 13, 2016

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Missouri Farmers Care is a joint effort by Missouri’s farming and agriculture community to stand together: for the men and women who provide the food and jobs on which our communities depend.


MFC launched the "Agri-Ready County" designation program in 2015. The Agri-Ready County designation, a voluntary program of MFC, recognizes counties that actively support Missouri agriculture through establishing an environment and county policies conducive to agricultural business success.


EARNING THE STATUS: Counties across Missouri are trying to earn the distinction of an "Agri-Ready" county. But they must complete all eight requirements before that can happen.

A county commission must apply to be designated as an Agri-Ready County. MFC reviews county ordinances and other activities to determine a county’s willingness and intent to support agriculture, and grants Agri-Ready status accordingly. MFC and its members partner with designated counties to promote growth and development of farming, ranching, agribusiness and agricultural processing in the county. There is no cost to counties to become Agri-Ready-designated.


To receive the Agri-Ready designation, a county must:


1. have a county commission that attests to its willingness to promote agricultural stewardship, growth and opportunity

2. not have any health or zoning ordinances that discourage, limit or restrict agricultural operations

3. defer to the Missouri Departments of Agriculture and Natural Resources for all environmental permitting of agricultural operations

4. not impose additional agricultural bonding, permit fees or insurance requirements

5. not apply definitions to agricultural operation more stringent than state laws or regulations

6. allow land application of nutrients at agronomic rates based on data from the University of Missouri College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources

7. allow the use of biotechnology crops and crop protection products in accordance with their federally labeled use

8. not have any regulations or ordinances that discourage, limit or restrict agricultural processing facilities


Agri-Ready counties will renew their status annually. MFC will provide counties with a county-personalized Agri-Ready logo to use in promotional and informational materials and, at the request of the county, four outdoor signs. MFC will publish and maintain a list of Agri-Ready counties. MFC members will use their extensive networks and available resources to promote, encourage and equip business entities to locate and do business in Agri-Ready-designated counties.


For questions, call Ashley McCarty, executive director of Missouri Farmers Care, at 660-341-8955, or email her at [email protected]. More information about Missouri Farmers Care and the Agri-Ready program is available at


Source: Missouri Farmers Care


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