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Stuck In The Mud? Properly Extract Your Farm Equipment

May 13, 2013

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Dear Friend,

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where one tire slides off the driveway – accidently misjudging the width and end up high-centered? Have you gone out into the field and hit a low wet spot thinking it is dry enough to pass through and then next you find yourself spinning tires and flinging mud?

Knowing how to get yourself out of these dirty situations and properly having the correct tools for the job can help avoid some unnecessary headaches and keep the pocket book in check.


Take into consideration a couple of key aspects. How deep is the implement buried? Is the frame dragging the ground? Do you have chains or tow straps that are in good condition to do the job? Not sure? Then download our free report: Stuck In The Mud? Properly Extract Your Farm Equipment and find out what you need to look for when having to tow out a stuck piece of equipment. Download your copy below:

You Have A Chain And A Couple Tow Straps. Now What?
Before you go and hook up your chain to your towing vehicle, avoid an accident before it happens. Have you looked at the links lately? Do you see a stretched or twisted link? Throw it away, and get a new chain that is heavy enough to do the job.

Free Your Stuck Equipment With Common Sense
Be aware of your surroundings and know your tools. Using old and outdated tools can result in injury and bodily harm. Not to mention, it could damage not only your stuck implement but also the towing vehicle. Find out how to properly hook up your towing vehicle and what to do to make the stuck implement easier to extract. All of this can be found in our FREE report, Stuck In The Mud? Properly Extract Your Farm Equipment.  Download your copy now.


Willie Vogt

Editorial Director

Farm Progress

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