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Livestock tractor trailer on road Oliver Strewe/Getty Images
WEIGHED DOWN: Livestock haulers are one group that now can transport a larger load to feedyards or packers. A new measure in Missouri also allows for feed truck drivers and seed salesman to carry up to 100,000 pounds.

COVID-19 response: Hauling larger loads in farm country

Temporary overweight permits allow up to 100,000 pounds of freight in Missouri.

Hauling larger loads is now possible across Missouri’s highways. Missouri Department of Agriculture Director Chris Chinn heard from people in the food supply chain working to deliver products — whether feed, fuel or livestock — to ag businesses or family farms during the COVID-19 outbreak.

“Our farmers, ranchers and agribusinesses are eager to get grocery store shelves restocked, and they were worried about getting those products to their destinations in a timely manner,” she says. So, her department worked with the Missouri Department of Transportation to allow for a free, temporary overweight permit that allows haulers to transport up to 100,000 pounds on any Missouri highway during the coronavirus response.

However, haulers need to meet the following criteria:

  • A copy of the special permit and a bill of lading must be in the possession of the operator of the overweight vehicle during its operation.
  • The load must carry supplies or equipment in the direct effort to prevent, contain, mitigate and treat the effects of COVID-19. This includes shipments of livestock, poultry, feed and fuels. Any fuels being transported can be hauled at 100,000 pounds or up to the manufacturer’s specifications of the tank type being operated, whichever results in the lower weight.
  • Carriers may haul up to 100,000 pounds gross weight on semitrailer configurations with five or more axles. The axles must meet the minimum distance requirement stated in the special permit. Carriers using trucks or semitrailers with fewer axles can haul up to an additional 10% heavier than licensed weight.

Violation of any of the conditions of the special permit will void the permit and subject the owner and operator to penalty.

This permit is effective until April 30. For more information, visit

The Missouri Department of Agriculture contributed to this article.

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