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Alliance Tire video blog
OFFERING SUPPORT: James Crouch, Alliance Tire, is featured in one of the first in a series of new videos, “Tireside Chats,” aimed at helping farmers better understand a range of issues about the rubber on which their equipment rides. The program offers brand-agnostic information for farmers.

Video series aims to boost your tire smarts

Demystifying tractor tires isn’t easy, but this new program aims to help answer a range of questions.

Multimedia content in agriculture is continuing to expand. The easy access to mobile video on your smartphone or tablet, even in the field, can be a great way to boost your knowledge about a range of topics. Case in point is a new video series from Alliance Tire Americas.

The company has named the series “Tireside Chats,” and the video log of short programs offers a range of explanations on practical tire science. While the videos show Alliance tires, the information provided is often more generic, or brand-agnostic, in general.

For example, a video on inflation pressure offers tips on making sure your tires are at the right pressure, referencing the idea that every manufacturer has a rated load for tires. In addition, the narrator — James Crouch, ATA product specialist — shows other tricks for making sure you’re at the right pressure.

In another video, Crouch explains the differences among a traditional radial, an IF tire and a VF tire; and while an ATA tire is shown, the information works for all brands that offer these three classes of tires.

Casual communication
In announcing the program, Barry Clifford, manager of marketing at ATA, explained that the Tireside Chat series is designed to be an informal, friendly way to provide machinery owners and operators with helpful tips and knowledge to help them get the best performance out of their tires and equipment.

“Some of the segments explain the technology inside a particular type of tire or dig into how tires impact other aspects of success on the job, like soil compaction on the farm. Basically, we’re answering questions and solving problems our salespeople and engineers see every day in the field,” Clifford says.

Each of the chats is compact — usually running less than two minutes, but cramming a lot of information into the program. Crouch adds that “tires are a very technical product, but there are many simple tricks that can have a huge impact on productivity around the farm.”

By using video to share key information about tires in general, ATA also shows its wide range of products for agriculture. This educational series can offer you a nice refresher on tire science from the comfort of your living room — ahead of the busy planting season.

You can see all of the Tireside Chats on the Alliance Tire Americas Facebook page,, or by visiting the company’s YouTube channel at

Source: Alliance Tire Americas

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