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What’s New From the Shows: Here are crop care products to consider for your farm.

December 16, 2022

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Everything new at the Farm Progress Show and Husker Harvest Days isn’t bright and shiny. Companies that specialize in crop protection and biocontrol products like to show off their new entries for crop farmers too. Others want to make sure farmers know about new equipment or services that can make it easier or more efficient to apply these new products on crops.

For example, Wells Ag Supply put together what the company calls the Winners Circle Adjuvants. It’s a collection of 20 adjuvants that enhance the work of other crop protection products or nutrients. These include a drift reduction agent, volatility reduction agent, water conditioner and much more.

Meanwhile, BW Fusion introduces Full Sun, which the company says helps plants get maximum value out of the sunlight they receive. Full Sun is enhanced with zinc and magnesium. Spokespersons say that’s so both corn and soybeans will be prompted to produce bigger leaves, which are vital to capturing as much sunlight as possible.

To apply seed treatments — whether fungicides, biocontrols or nutrient supplements — you need an efficient way to move seed. Meridian introduces Convey-All Volt, an electric conveyor that can handle 9,000 bushels per hour. Powered by 36 batteries, it can operate for 10 hours straight before needing recharging.

Check out these products and equipment and the rest of the new lineup that Farm Progress editors uncovered while visiting shows. Be sure to use the information provided to follow up and learn more about products and equipment that interest you the most.

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