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Anuvia™ turns fertilizer technology on its head with SymTRX™

Anuvia is winning awards with its ground-breaking enhanced efficiency fertilizer, SymTRX™. Discover how this plug-and-play solution can boost yield and ROI.

Industry Voice by Anuvia

February 13, 2020

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Growers hear it all the time. “This new product, piece of equipment or technology will improve your yields and boost your bottom line.”

So when a product is released that can actually move the needle, it’s understandable that some growers may be skeptical when it comes to claims of more yield and higher returns. But as some progressive farmers have already discovered, SymTRX™ delivers high quality nutrition that makes a marked difference in harvest outcomes. Plus, it doesn’t require new practices or specialized equipment.

The technology is seen as revolutionary within and outside the farming industry, with Fast Company recognizing SymTRX as a “World Changing Idea,” and winning a 2019 BIG Innovation Award from Business Intelligence Group.

“It takes big, bold ideas to solve the crucial issue facing our planet of helping farmers produce enough food for a growing world population, while also reducing farming’s burden on the Earth,” says Amy Yoder, CEO of Anuvia Plant Nutrients. “Our mission is to provide the technology that helps farmers increase production in a sustainable and economic way.”

Anuvia Plant Nutrients’ facility, in Zellwood, Florida, is a true example of a circular economy – reprocessing agricultural products to keep them in use for longer and extracting more value from them. This is the first real innovation in the Enhanced Efficiency Fertilizer segment in years.

SymTRX granules are a homogenous slow-release product. Their slow-release nature means the nutrients within are consistently available to crops, with fewer losses to the environment.

These unique granules also feed the soils’ microbiome, increasing microbial activity. After application, the granule slowly breaks down, releasing nutrients that continuously feed crops for six to eight weeks. The slow release helps ensure fewer nutrients leach into groundwater or end up as runoff somewhere off the farm. It also promotes the soil’s ability to regenerate, resulting in better nutrient and water management. This all adds up to healthier land, healthier crops and healthier returns.

SymTRX is proven to increase yields and provide up to a 5x return on investment. By feeding plants more efficiently, farmers can grow bigger and better crops, with a smaller environmental footprint.

Part of what makes SymTRX such a powerful tool for farmers looking to get more from every acre is the fact that there are little to no barriers to use. Combine it with an existing blend, or speak to an agronomist about including SymTRX this season, and you’re ready to go. SymTRX works within current agricultural processes and technologies, ensuring ease-of-use for the end user. It truly is a plug-and-play solution that gives growers better yields, healthier soils and strong, reliable returns on their investment.

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