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USDA: Corn stays at 74% good/excellent; soybeans 73%USDA: Corn stays at 74% good/excellent; soybeans 73%

Corn 5% harvested vs 7% average.

Bob Burgdorfer

September 12, 2016

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Corn’s overall condition was unchanged in the latest week at 74% good to excellent, with weakness noted in Indiana, while other key states were unchanged, USDA said on Tuesday.

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Soybeans were unchanged at 73% good/excellent with no changes reported in key Midwest states.

Corn and soybean yield ratings calculated by Farm Futures based on condition ratings were little changed from a week ago.

The corn crop is 5% harvested and 33% mature vs the averages of 7% and 32%. Iowa was 1% harvested, Illinois 3% and Nebraska 1%.

USDA: Corn stays at 74% good/excellent; soybeans 73%
USDA: Corn stays at 74% good/excellent; soybeans 73%

Nationally, soybeans are at 26% dropping leaves versus the 25% average.


Iowa reported its wettest week of the year from two major rain events with northern Iowa reporting particularly heavy rain.

“Producers reported seeing corn stalk rot and stress on soybeans due to excessive moisture,” the Iowa report said.

Rain also fell in Illinois, which the state said slowed some fieldwork. It rated the state’s topsoil moisture at 15% surplus, 82% adequate, 25% short and 1% very short.

Indiana’s corn rating slipped 1 point to 73% good/excellent while soybeans were unchanged at 75%.

“Moderate to heavy rains across the state left some fields under water delaying corn harvest and slowing maturity of the beans,” Indiana said. “Above average temperatures along with the added precipitation have created a perfect environment for mold and fungus growth.”

USDA: Corn stays at 74% good/excellent; soybeans 73%
USDA: Corn stays at 74% good/excellent; soybeans 73%

USDA added winter wheat planting on Monday and 6% of the crop was planted compared with 7% a year ago and the 7% average.

Spring wheat harvest was at 94%, compared with 96% a year ago and the 84% average. North Dakota’s spring wheat was 95% harvested versus the 82% average.

Nationally, sorghum was 26% harvested and 44% mature versus the 27% and 38% averages. The crop slipped 1 point to 65% good to excellent.

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