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New seed treatment, high-tech corn coming to market

Willie Vogt 1

August 19, 2015

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<p>DuPont Pioneer will be moving to a new seed treatment in 2015 with its PPST250 product enhanced with the addition of Lumivia, a new insecticide, that offers added protection from black cutworm and fall armyworm.</p>

Researchers have been hard at work in the labs and test fields run by DuPont Pioneer. The list of launches announced recently include a new seed-applied insecticide, a more-efficiently designed biotech below-ground insect trait and even advancements in silage preservation, and enhancement. In one field event, there was plenty to talk about.

First up is the new seed applied insecticide, Lumivia. Using a new mode of action, and will be part of the base seed treatment package for corn. Lumivia, or chlorantraniliprole, is already labeled in Brazil. It will be part of the Pioneer Premium Seed Treatment Package 250, and the recommended approach for 2016. With PPST250 you're already getting fungicide, Cruiser insecticide and a biological product to enhance seed performance. Adding in Lumivia offers a few benefits, according to Keith O'Bryan, who oversees the product at DuPont Pioneer. "We're recommending this product in place of our PPST250 next year, we're seeing greater activity on a range of pests," he adds.

In fact, Lumivia is providing activity against fall armyworm that isn't covered in the base PPST250 formulation, and shows enhanced performance against black cutworm. The product is systemic and protects early seedlings after emergence.

Just call it Qrome

Another advancement DuPont Pioneer announced is Qrome. This is a new product, that won't see commercial availability for a couple of years. The brand - Qrome (pronounced Chrome) - will be for a new lineup of traited-corn products. They've previously called DP4114 in the pipeline, but now get this name. Essentially Qrome includes what they call a molecular stack of two traits - Herculex 1 and Herculex RW. The finished molecule - DP4114 - is a single insertion product that makes it easier to confer below-ground pest control versus previous methods.

"We've combined two traits into a single event," says Ryan French, corn market manager. The new trait is compatible across a wide range of hybrid platforms.

Qrome product tech has insect control efficacy on par with hybrids that had the original Herculex XTRA tech, but offered better yield results due to the technology's compatibility with corn germplasm, French explains. The tech is now being tested in small plot research and IMPACT trials in 2015 across the Corn Belt. Since it's a new event it is currently undergoing regulatory approvals and DuPont Pioneer won't market the product until it gains export approvals to key corn markets.

Thinking of livestock

DuPont Pioneer has long been involved in tools to help forage quality, offering inoculants that boost returns. The company is upping the ante in two areas. The first is Rapid React, which is an inoculant designed to provide aerobic stability in as little as seven days, versus the traditional 30 you find with conventional products.

"This will allow users to get access to new crop forages earlier than in the past," says Kyle Whitaker, senior marketing manager, forages.

The second product launched is Nutrivail feed technology which DuPont Pioneer calls a "revolutionary product line."

"When you cut forages that's the best quality that crop will be at harvest, and we do our best to maintain that quality," says Bill Mahanna, long-time forage expert with DuPont Pioneer. "With this product we'll actually be able to improve the quality of forage after harvest."

When applied to corn silage, haylage or grass silage at harvest, Nutrivail feed tech helps improve fiber digestibility, reduces the need for supplemental energy sources in the ration.

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