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CROPLAN Seed Puts New Hybrids in the Mix for 2013CROPLAN Seed Puts New Hybrids in the Mix for 2013

New varieties add yield potential to farmer's seed management decisions.

December 26, 2012

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WinField has announced the addition of 28 new CROPLAN corn hybrids to its portfolio for the 2013 planting season. The additions offer growers a significant hike in genetic yield potential. Data gathered from nearly 200 locations in the company's 2012 Answer Plot Program reveals a nearly nine-bushel-per-acre yield increase over existing CROPLAN seed corn hybrids.

"Typically, corn growers can expect a 5-bushel-per-acre yield increase each year from genetic advancement alone," says Lee Wilkinson, director, corn product development, WinField. "Our next genetics class nearly doubles that with an average of 8.9 bushels per acre more than the 2012 hybrids in our lineup."


Wilkinson points to new Genuity SmartStax and VT Double PRO technology along with single-bag refuge as important offerings in the CROPLAN seed inventory. The varieties also include strong stalks and roots, fast drydown, and high disease and heat-stress tolerance.

For more information on Winfield varieties visit www.croplan.com.

Adapted for East to West

2123VT2P / 2123RR 81 RM — Attractive later-flowering hybrids with fast drydown, good seedling vigor, and strong roots and stalks. Exceptional resistance to northern corn leaf blight, eyespot, common rust, anthracnose and fusarium stalk rot. [78 to 85 day maturity zone]

3499VT3P / 3499VT2P 94 RM — Shorter plants with lower ear placement deliver consistently high yields with excellent drought, greensnap and Goss's wilt tolerance. Adapted for a variety of east to west geographies.  [90 to 98 day maturity zone]

3733VT2P  97 RM — A good option for wet, sticky poorly drained soil. The female provides greater genetic diversity compared to other new hybrids at this maturity and increases the root size, ear length and stress tolerance of the male. [95 to 102 day maturity zone]

3899VT2P 96 RM / 4099SS 99 RM — These tall, racehorse hybrids offer excellent seedling vigor, comprehensive disease packages, and above-average stalk strength and test weight. High Goss's wilt and heat tolerance. Well suited for the western Corn Belt. [95 to 105 day maturity zone]

4144SS 101 RM — Delivers uniform ears at high populations with excellent test weight. Adapted to eastern and western growing conditions. High disease tolerance, including excellent tolerance to Goss's wilt. Performs best on silt loam; black, high-organic matter; or irrigated soil types.  [100 to 105 day maturity zone]

4975VT3P / 4975VT2P 102 RM — Top-yielding hybrid in 2012 Answer Plot trials. Offers high Goss's wilt and greensnap tolerance, strong roots and stalks, and above-average staygreen and late-season intactness. Performs well in corn-on-corn rotations with the flexibility to plant north and south of maturity zone. [95 to 105 day maturity zone]

5875SS 108 RM and 6175VT3P / 6175VT2P RM — Some of the driest hybrids in 2012 Answer Plot trials. High yielding even under stressful conditions. 5875 placed in the top third and 6175 placed in the top half of yield trials. Fast drydown and low greensnap risk. New and improved males replace the 6125 and 6525 males.  [103 to 110 day maturity zone]

6123AS3000/GT 111 RM — Flexible hybrid adapted for a variety of geographies and maturity zones. Good roots and stalks, and an excellent disease package. 2012 Answer Plot trials show a 7.4-bushel yield advantage over 6263 with 1.1 percent less moisture and stronger roots.  [108 to 113 day maturity zone]

6274SS  112 RM — Placed third for yield in 2012 Answer Plot trials. Semi-flex, girthy ear; strong roots and stalks; and high greensnap and Goss's wilt tolerance. Performs best under irrigation in west-central geographies.  [108 to 113 day maturity zone]

8621VT2P 117 RM — Excellent silage hybrid from California to the Texas High Plains and grain hybrid in the mid-south. Placed first for yield in 120 relative maturity trials and second in 115 2012 Answer Plot relative maturity trials. Flowers early and offers improved stalks, roots and test weight compared to 851RR. [113 to 119 day maturity zone]

Adapted for East, West and South

6265SS 113 RM / 6265VT2P 112 RM — Tied for top yield in 2012 Answer Plot trials. The new male is a combination of 6125 and 6926 males, with a semi-fixed ear, improved stalks and roots, and excellent overall plant health. [110 to 116 day maturity zone]

6640VT3P 113 RM —Placed first for yield in the South and fourth nationally in 2012 Answer Plot trials. Delivers short plants with good roots, stalks and test weight. Well suited to hot, wet environments. [Adapted East to West and South to TX, in 110 to 117 day maturity zone.]

Adapted for Western Corn Belt

2845SS 89 RM / 2845VT2P 87 RM — Early-flowering hybrids with high yield potential. Excellent stand establishment, disease resistance and fast drydown. Perform best in medium to medium-high plant populations on rotated or corn-on-corn acres. [Consistent East to West, however shows exceptional yield potential in the Western areas of Wis-West, in the 85 to 95 day maturity zone.]

4041AS3111 100 RM — A good choice for grain or silage, this hybrid features strong seedling vigor, good Goss's wilt tolerance, and excellent late-season health and intactness. [Best adapted in the western corn belt, Wisconsin-West, in the 95 to 100 day zone.]

4164SS 101 RM — Delivers medium-sized plants with medium-placed, fixed, girthy ears. Features strong roots, good heat and drought tolerance, and excellent Goss's wilt tolerance. Adapted for east to west planting with the ability to move south of its maturity zone. [Best adapted in Western corn belt, Illinois-West, in the 100 to 108 day maturity zone.]

5743SS 106 RM / 5743VT2P 105 RM — High-yielding, semi-flex ear type delivers 14 to 18 kernels per row. Above-average disease tolerance, fast drydown and good test weight make these excellent choices for a variety of geographies. [Best adapted in the Western corn belt in 102 to 108 day maturity zone.]

3533VT2P 95 RM — Excellent, high-yield potential choice for light, sandy or doughty soils. The female provides greater genetic diversity compared to other new hybrids at this maturity and increases the root size, ear length and stress tolerance of the male. [Western corn belt stress areas in the 90 to 100 day maturity zone.]

Adapted for Midwest-East

5337VT3P / 5337VT2P 104 RM — Excellent top-end yield when rotated with soybeans in productive soils at medium populations. Robust stalk strength and plant health allow these hybrids to move south of maturity zones. [Adapted I35 in Iowa and East, in 102 to 108 day maturity zone.]

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