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Wildflowers grow in valleys

Higher Ground: The valleys of your life are where true revelation comes from.

December 16, 2022

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Make me to know your ways, O LORD; teach me your paths, Psalm 25:4.

I was once asked, “Where do most of the wildflowers grow, on the mountaintop or in the valley?” The answer, of course, is in the valley.

As you look at your own life, do you find the same to be true?

Personally, I experience better growth and greater harvest in my valleys. There, I realize I cannot meet my needs. So, I turn my face to the Son, the feeder and waterer of my soul.

Just weeks ago, Pete and I found ourselves in the valley. We had a ministry event with the Fellowship of Christian Farmers and needed a motel room. On the website, the motel I had booked looked like a nice place at an affordable price. It was not.

We had barely stepped inside our room when a huge fight, complete with swinging fists and vulgar language, broke out next to our room. Terrified, I had visions of bullets flying through our walls.

With mismatched furniture that looked like it had been rescued from the side of a road, we speculated that the motel was a last “resort” for those down on their luck and were shaken to discover that the maid cleaned in exchange for a home for herself, her three children and disabled mother.

Imagine, one small motel room for five people!   

With all motels in the area fully booked, we had no escape from our valley.

A couple days later as we packed our car to leave, God opened our eyes. We saw the maid and her children, the wheelchair-bound woman, the toothless man, and the person with flying fists and vulgar speech with fresh eyes. Suddenly, we knew why God placed us at this motel. He wanted us to grow by loving the people he loves.

Before leaving, we handed out walking sticks, listened to their precious stories and shared the life-changing story of Jesus.

As we drove away, much like a field of wildflowers, a field of amazing joy had bloomed inside our hearts.  

The Singers are field representatives for Fellowship of Christian Farmers International and live in Punta Gorda, Fla.

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