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Welcome to the family, Millie

Holly Spangler Millie Spangler, a 3-month-old border collie
PUPPY: Millie’s our roly-poly fluffball of a puppy.
A puppy really stirs things up, but new life on the farm has been good for us all.

Friends, meet Millie! She’s the 3-month-old border collie who’s stolen our hearts, livened the place up around here, and so far, only destroyed minimal stuff. She belongs to Caroline, and in the words of our not-dramatic 13-year-old: “She’s my best friend.”

Millie joins Ralph, an English shepherd, and Hazel, a basset hound, both of whom are 7 years old and are the absolute loves of our lives. Endless entertainment, snuggles and loyalty. They rid the farm of varmints, keep the barn cats in line and take a lot of naps in the sun. Especially Hazel.

Millie’s arrival has been akin to dropping a toddler onto a couch lined with napping grandparents. They’re mostly glad to see her, but honestly a little shocked. It took Ralph about a week to warm up to her. Then he remembered his puppy roots, and it was game on. They wrestle on the porch, they wrestle in the yard, they chase each other in circles — just like Ralph and Hazel did when they were puppies. Then they collapse and nap together. For a dog who’s long valued order, love and loyalty, he’s adjusted remarkably well.

Hazel, on the other hand, can’t quite figure it all out. She’s always loved a good nap, and she’s reached a point in her life where she may actually be asleep more than she’s awake. She does not like that sequence disturbed. Playing is an awful lot of work.

Turns out a puppy also melts the hearts of these old farmers. My kids have seen both their dad and his brother talk to this puppy like she’s a baby, and it delights them every time. Clearly, the Spangler men love a puppy.

What’s next? We’re not entirely sure, but new life on the farm has been good for us all.

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