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Farmers get second chance to build shop that meets their needsFarmers get second chance to build shop that meets their needs

Slideshow: This simple shop still includes the features this farm needs most.

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January 20, 2022

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Not everyone gets a chance to revise their farm shop after using it for a few years. Jarrod and Amy Burris certainly didn’t want the chance, but when they had no choice, they took advantage of past experiences to make sure their new shop had features they needed most.

“A tornado took out our shop about 10 years ago,” Amy explains. “We rebuilt using the same concrete, but we changed some things when we had to build it the second time.”

One of those changes was increasing the height of the main doors. Equipment was getting taller compared to when the shop was built originally. So, they adjusted as much as they could to allow for working with larger equipment.

The shop also has a loft this time around. This allows the Burrises to store things they don’t use frequently out of the way. That frees up more space to bring in equipment and work on it.

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Their farm shop building includes an office. It’s a simple space, but it allows them to keep the farm business out of the house, and conduct business on the farm instead. It has areas for relaxing and eating.

The building housing the shop and office also includes a section for equipment storage on one end. Separated from other areas by a wall, it’s not heated like the rest of the shop, but it doesn’t freeze. It also has a concrete floor, making it more desirable storage space for farm equipment. The air compressor that supplies air for various uses in the shop is located in the machinery storage area. That helps keep excess noise out of the shop, Amy says.

The shop is heated by propane. Jarrod notes that since they used lots of insulation, the building is economical to heat and keep comfortable for anyone working in the shop or office.

To see photos, check out the slideshow.

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