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5 gifts for the hard-to-buy-for farm wife5 gifts for the hard-to-buy-for farm wife

This advice will make your last-minute Christmas shopping simple.

December 20, 2019

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all-weather floor mat
GREAT GIFT: These all-weather floor mats are designed to keep spills off the carpet. Simply take them out and wash off the manure and mud, and farm wives are happy. Mindy Ward

It’s Christmas crunch time, and you are down to that last gift — the one for your wife. So, in the spirit of giving, I thought I’d offer a foolproof list of farm wife-approved gifts.

My husband often tells me that I’m not an easy person to buy for. I’m not the traditional TV commercial ad wife. Don’t buy me rings; they get caught while doing chores.

No to the foot bath or foot massager. My feet are tired, and I’m too tired to get the equipment together to make them relax. And a hard pass on a stationary cycling bike. I don’t sit or stand and pedal in place.

But here are few gift items that over the years prove my husband truly gets me. I’ll start simple and try to offer you a variety:

  1. Leather work gloves. The key here is in my size. Too often, my husband just tosses me his extra pair of gloves when we are doing chores. I know it may surprise you guys, but your hands often are larger. I spend most of the time trying to keep them on. No excuse for saying you “don’t know her size.” If you’ve held your wife’s hand, you can buy gloves.

  2. All-weather floor mats. All farm wives know mud or manure from boots do not just come off on the farm truck floorboard. Nope, it happens in the family car. All-weather floor mats keep the country dirt and city lunches off the carpet. Try to order them specially designed and fitted for your wife’s vehicle make and model. I absolutely love my all-weather floor mats, and so does my husband because I no longer yell about the mess. I simply wash it out.  

  3. Heated lap blanket. After coming in from winter chores, I’m chilled. This is not a full blanket for the bed, rather one your wife will use while sitting in her favorite chair, watching classic Christmas movies. It is a warming mechanism that is faster and cheaper, according to my husband, than “playing with the thermostat.”

  4. Power tools. Don’t shy away from this aisle, especially if you have a farm wife who loves do-it-yourself projects. My favorite and top pick is a chop saw, but splurge and buy her a stand. My second pick in this category is a table saw. It’s that one gift that my husband knew I wanted, but deep down, so did he. A true win-win gift.

  5. Meal and movie or theater package. There is not a farm wife around that would turn down a night with her farmer, a good meal and great entertainment. It is the gift of time that matters most to us.

I hope these last-minute Christmas gift ideas help. Get shopping!

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