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Big Equipment Offers New Niche

There's always some new way to skin an equipment cat, and this company may have found it.

Bigger crops are pushing up equipment sizes, not doubt about it. And that forces you to look at all other aspects of your operation. How many wagons and semis does it take to keep a Class 8 combine running in the field? What roads do you have to travel with that 16-row (or bigger) planter?

Transporting equipment is getting tougher every day, but those challenges can create opportunities too. At least one company - Bestway - has figured out there may be a new niche in this business helping move that larger equipment. Whether for dealers or larger farmers, the new Retriever offers some interesting options.

I'm sure we'll see a lot of new innovations at the 2010 Farm Progress Show Aug. 31, Sept. 1 & 2; and at Husker Harvest Days September 14, 15 & 16. And you can check out this new tool from Bestway. Dave Benson, director of marketing, Bestway, brought this one to our attention and it's an interesting way to tackle the big-equipment challenge.

To give you a sneak peek at the new tool, you can check out the video link below to learn more about the Retriever - a hydraulic trailer that'll pick up a big corn head, grain table or 3-point implement using one operator. It might save you transport time, and could solve some hassles

As I noted above, this is just one of hundreds of new tools you'll find at the show, and we'll highlight a few here as the show approaches and in the weeks after. Check out the Bestway video (it's theirs and I didn't edit it -just wanted to keep you informed of that). It'll give you an idea of the level of innovation you'll be seeing at the big fall shows - whether you're talking about the Retriever, new engines from Deere, New Holland and Case IH, enhanced tech from Case IH, a new Gleaner combine or hundreds of other items from shortliners - there's going to be plenty to see. Check out the video using the link below and if you want to keep up on the needs of the show - check out and

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