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Animal Health Notebook
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Some more thinking about eating and health

For humans, regular consumption of animal fat and protein is a key base for a healthy diet.

There is and has been a huge amount of knowledge and information gained and passed out concerning nutrition and health in the past three or more decades. When I attempt to dodge the bullets of aging with focus on premature maladies I try to stay lined up with the natural model.

In my opinion, everyone needs to gain a working understanding of these natural principles and then apply them every time we make a decision.

Some degree of discipline in our life is one of the principles. In chapter nine of Ecclesiastes, Solomon tells us that the dead know nothing and their memory is forgotten. He says a living dog is better than a dead lion. Truth is that an undisciplined lion can quickly end up dead. If he can’t successfully hunt and perform, then it’s lights out.

I have noticed that with the advent of the information age has come a vast amount of teaching that is less than accurate. Truth is that much of what is being preached and taught is wrong. I’ll have a go at clearing the air concerning eating and good health. I think my stuff is accurate.

The problem is that we all realize we’re headed for death, and health problems are a wake-up call indicating a shortening of our individual race. There might be “no gain without pain” but a long healthy life requires a limiting of stress and maybe problems. Very little investigation is needed to see that America’s people have lots of negative health signals. Obesity is No. 1 and results in lots of negative issues.

I know that we require real regular consumption of meat and fat in order to be healthy. What seems to be the secret is the fact that the meat (in particular beef) needs to come from 85-90% leaves from highly mineralized and diversified plants that have multiple levels of maturity. Self-consumption by the animals is important. Machine harvest, storage and handling results in nutrient loss.

Serious folks find beef that meets these criteria, store it, and eat it daily. Good amounts of fatty grass beef (4-16 ounces) that is enjoyed and eaten a couple of times daily is the centerpiece of the quality health blueprint. Range eggs and broilers are a good add on but sure-enough grass beef harvested four to 12 weeks after the spring green-up is the kicker.

My first and biggest recommendation for nutritional health is quality grass-majority beef consumed in volume on a daily basis. If you miss #1 you are destined to results that are less than optimal. We all need to become and remain proactive. I promise to continue later and will comment and make recommendations concerning these things:

  • Protein and meat
  • Carbohydrates
  • Fiber
  • Antioxidants
  • Minerals and trace Minerals
  • Vitamins
  • Enzymes
  • Microbes
  • The big add-on
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