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Once-Ponded Plants Still Alive One Week Later

Once-Ponded Plants Still Alive One Week Later
Crop Watch 2014: Some ponded corn will likely survive; some may not.

One week ago we showed you pictures from one corner of the Crop Watch '14 field where plants were under water. The entire area was barely over one-quarter of an acre. This week, the water is gone and most of the plants are trying to recover. Some are still covered with mud. Others are showing signs of nitrogen deficiency from the soil being so saturated. However, very few, if any, have completely given up the ghost.

Part of the reason may be that the weather remained cool in the upper 70's and very low 80's until the water receded off the field. Much warmer to hot days tends to scald corn leaves under water.

Crop Watch 2014: Some ponded corn will likely survive; some may not.

Some of the plants are upright – some are still leaning over. But compared to one week ago, the area may not be a total write-off. We will continue to monitor this corner to see how well corn that is ponded can recover after the ponding recedes.

Crop Watch 6/9: Ponding Threatens Some Corn Fields

The Crop Watch'14 field will be used later in the season as a contest field so you can guess the final average yield of the field. Seed Consultants, Inc. will provide seed prizes for 2015 for the top three guesses that are the closest to the actual average dry yield of the field.

Overall, the field is at about the six leaf growth stage, and the majority of the field is green and growing. Some yellowing is apparent in a few other lower spots within the field besides the area that ponded. However, altogether they likely account for an acre or less.

Crop Watch 6/13: Don't be Alarmed by Stripes on Corn Leaves Early in the Season

Ponding zone: Here's an excellent chance to see what happens to corn after water recedes. Fortunately, this area is a very small part of the Crop Watch field.

We will continue to monitor those spots to see if they green up once the soil dries up more and the roots have better access to nitrogen. The forecast was for more rain this week and cool weather. If the rain stays away, the field may slowly dry out and continue to grow.

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