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Mom and sisters reconnect, almost like old times!

Mom and sisters reconnect, almost like old times!
Joy's Reflections: Find time to reconnect with siblings and mom.

We finally did it. My mom, Amaryllis, and her three daughters, Ryllis, Kathy and me, took a vacation together. It was the first time since the days of spats over clothes, chores, having to stay on your side of the bedroom and who is the most spoiled.

We’ve settled down into the sisterhood of life, more interested in having a good time than looking good since we realize no one is looking anymore anyway. We’ve moved on to more important things, such as the best way to cook bacon.

LIKE OLD TIMES? Time alone with your adult siblings and mom can be rejuvenating. Pictured are (from left) Kathy (middle sister), Amaryllis, Joy and Ryllis (oldest sister).

Really, who knew it would take four women with decades of bacon experience to figure out how to make bacon come out perfectly flat and brown? Stove? Microwave? Oven? The one with the oven experience won. And I must say, that bacon was perfect.

Surprise in every pot?

Mom snapped the green beans we bought at a farmers market. Kathy took over from there with the beans. Of course, we threw in some bacon. Our constant chattering was silenced as we began to partake in our glorious feast, also consisting of corn on the cob and watermelon. We were in the middle of our food heaven when one sister exclaimed,

“Oh, no, I hope my Band-Aid isn’t in the green beans.”

Chewing ceased. No one swallowed or said a word.

Regaining her confidence, she spoke with relief, “Oh no, it’s not, but wait, I put it on the wrong finger.”

Chewing resumed and relief swept over us. Not just because we didn’t have to worry about eating a Band-Aid. It was more that we realized we were in good company with our fleeting memories. Even when it comes to an open wound or searing pain, we still might not get things in the right place — or remember what we did, or why or how.

It wasn’t just about the food on this grand getaway. We lounged every afternoon at the pool while still talking about the biology of our bodies long after the youngest of us had hit puberty. Only now we had moved on to more mature subjects such as gray hairs, varicose veins, aching joints, saggy things and my favorite thing my beautiful older sisters warned me about: chin hairs.

Who knew growing older could be so much fun? How thankful I am that I will never have to be surprised about anything, as I have two older sisters who will tell it to me straight!

Meaningful memories

It meant a lot to our mom to have her girls with her. Even when we three sisters were deep in conversation and she was in the corner reading a book, she still had the uncanny gift of filtering what’s worth her time and what’s not.

I guess her momma ears will never need hearing aids, just like the eyes she still has in the back of her head will never need bifocals.

Our time meant a lot to us girls, too. It was all kind of like Thelma and Louise meets Lucy and Ethel.

It was a great week of memories, catching up, gaining weight and a tan, and laughing till we truly tested our bladders. We’re already planning next year’s trip. We won’t even have to waste any time figuring out the best way to cook the bacon.

McClain writes from Greenwood.

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