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A fitting FFA tribute to those who deserve it

A fitting FFA tribute to those who deserve it
FFA Corner: Vocational agriculture teachers everywhere deserve a tip of the hat!

There is a distinct group of people who truly serve others out of the kindness of their hearts. They never ask for anything in return; they generously take time out of their day, and they remain humble through it all.

A quote that reminds me of this kind of person is: “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others” by Mahatma Gandhi. Through the 18 years of my life, I’ve learned to appreciate and acknowledge these people more and more, because without them, I wouldn’t be who I am today.

MEET SNEHA: The 2016-17 Indiana FFA Northern Region vice president is Sneha Jogi. She hails from the Hamilton Southeastern FFA Chapter.

As I watched the nine general sessions at the 89th National FFA Convention and Expo in Indianapolis, I couldn’t help but feel appreciative for every teacher and FFA advisor who loses themselves in the service of others. The first-year to 50th-year educators who were recognized all have one thing in common: a heart of service.

Many hours

Teachers are willing to work a 40-hour week by Wednesday, teach on tough days and mentor any student searching for hope. They are the reason more than 64,000 FFA members were inspired to transform their purpose into action at the National FFA Convention.

Whether you’re a student, teacher or adult reading this article, take the time to thank a teacher who’s had an influence on you.

Over the course of four days, hundreds of FFA members walked across the stage at National Convention to be recognized for their dedication, hard work and passion for the agriculture industry. The success of these students could be self-driven, but being self-driven begins with the support of parents and family members. Families lose themselves in the service of others, too, and find happiness in doing so. Without supportive family members, students wouldn’t possess their unique qualities.

Support others

Another observation I made at the National FFA Convention was the noise level in Bankers Life Fieldhouse after students, sponsors or states were recognized. The pride for Indiana FFA that my teammates and I feel was apparent as we shouted every time “Indiana” was mentioned.

I didn’t observe only the sound of people screaming, but also the reason why people were screaming. Friends, mentors and supporters emphasized their pride by making their loved ones feel appreciated as they walked across stage. The group of people who support from behind the scenes are also ones who lose themselves in the service of others.

Imagine a world without any support from others. Would you be the person you are without any help? Would you be where you’re at in life without these people? If you answered “no” to these questions, thank those who have lost themselves in the service of you. That being said, thank you to my four advisors, beautiful mother, loving sister, family members, best friends, teachers and mentors for shaping me into the woman I am today.

Jogi is the 2016-17 Indiana FFA Northern Region vice president. She writes from Trafalgar.

Sneha Jogi at a glance

Home: Fishers
State office: Northern Region vice president
FFA chapter: Hamilton Southeastern
Parents: Hetal Jogi
FFA advisors: Tom Younts, Charity Keffaber, Ron Bailey, Samantha Miller
FFA activities: parliamentary procedure, prepared speaking, Section 3 director
School activities: National Honor Society, varsity football manager
College intentions: attend Purdue University, major in eg economics, minor in political science
Future career: undecided, but leaning toward working in the policy arena

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