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Equipment company offers unique bonus item to step up sales

Equipment company offers unique bonus item to step up sales

Unverferth offers free scale package with purchase of seed tender.

If you see a bulk seed tender in your future, you owe it to yourself to check out a unique offer from Unverferth. It’s an example of how equipment companies continue to be creative to generate interest in their products in a climate where corn and soybean prices are both low.

If you buy a select Seed Runner model in stock by Jan. 31, you will receive a free scale package you can use with the seed tender. The scale package is valued at $3,175.

“It’s a unique, limited-time promotion, and we hope farmers will take advantage of it,” notes Jerry Ecklund, communications manager for Unverferth.

READY TO PLANT: A unique incentive aims to help farmers find a more efficient method to get seed to the planter this spring.

The offer applies to the purchase of three Seed Runner seed tender models: 2750, 3750 and 3750XL. All three models feature dual compartments, and all have the patented design that allows them to refill themselves once empty. Model 2750 holds 275 seed units. Both 3750 models are rated to hold 375 seed units.

Each unit comes with a cupped, cleated conveyor belt for gentle unloading of soybean seed. They also come standard with rollover tarping, a heavy-duty undercarriage, lighting, reflective striping and all-wheel brakes.  

Adding a scale to the Seed Runner tender adds versatility, Ecklund says. It helps verify the amount of seed purchased and delivered to the field. In the fall, you can use the tender with a scale to verify yield trials. Even if you have a yield monitor and rely on it to record yields in trials, monitors need calibration. Having a unit with a scale available to calibrate makes the process easier.

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