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Need a new router Check out a review of 10 new models Precision Hawk keeps adding financing  from big names Windows 10 has new features and Google Talks artificial intelligence
<p>Need a new router? Check out a review of 10 new models; Precision Hawk keeps adding financing - from big names; Windows 10 has new features; and Google Talks artificial intelligence.</p>

Drone tech boost, privacy protection, routers, Windows 10

Precision Hawk gets a financial bump; U.S. House takes an email privacy vote; find a new router; and Windows 10.

This week we offer you the chance to check out more information on expanding investment in ag tech - specifically in the drone market; the U.S. House pushes email privacy (making the Senate play); help with finding the right router for better wi-fi, which can help you maximize your data connection; Google is offering a peek ahead at what it sees as valuable - artificial intelligence; and we offer a look at Windows 10 if you've switched or are switching. Read on for more details.

1. Drone company gets help from ag firm

DuPont Pioneer is adding money to the pot for Precision Hawk, which we shared last week got another $18 million in funding for a range of groups, including Verizon, Yamaha, USAA, Intel Capital, and NTT Docomo. DuPont Pioneer has signed on to this group joining the financing effort (its share was not disclosed). Pioneer has already been using Precision Hawk drones to gather data, and this new round of funding will help fund further development of Precision Hawk's DataMapper software. Learn more about the funding, and Data Mapper.

2. Protecting your privacy

Looks like the U.S. House is trying to get something done on one area of data privacy, your email, where it voted 419-0 in support of a measure to update the 1986 Electronic Communications Privacy Act and close a loophole that gave law enforcement access to your email without a warrant (a subpoena yes, a warrant, no). However it appears the move - and that unanimous vote - was aimed at getting the Senate to take some action. Learn more about the maneuvering on email privacy.

3. Upgrade your router

The home wi-fi router is almost ubiquitous these days as people work to maximize their tablet connectivity and save on data costs for mobile phones (when you're on the wi-fi you're often keeping data costs down). But every so often your router needs a replacement, especially as standards change. The folks at PC Magazine, a computer-focused brand, offer their take on 10 wi-fi routers and their capabilities. You can scope the highest rated ones to see which might work best for you. Learn more about routers.

4. Windows 10 talk, and additions

This is more of a two-part installment. As some of you replace computers this fall you're going to run into Windows 10 - the latest Windows operating system. Some of us at Farm Industry News use Win 10 and are growing to like it. We weren't as negative as this commentator, but his comments at ZDNet offer you some insight to the system and its improvements. And there's news from Tech News Today that Win 10 also has new Facebook and Messenger apps, and for our farmer friends who like to use that tool to connect, this is good news.

5. Note-taking tools compared

Evernote and OneNote are two powerful tools - one is free from Microsoft (OneNote) that allow you to collect ideas, thoughts and notes easily for later organization. Our colleagues over at the SuperSite for Windows offered a look at the differences between the two tools. We think you'll find it interesting.

And a bonus

The folks at Google are always looking ahead, and this time they're looking at Artificial Intelligence. What does that mean? We'll let you read what the CEO of Google had to say according to this report from CNET.

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