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Corn and soybean planting on target

Frans and Jason Rosenquist farm Grove City MN
Crop progress report shows both corn and soybean plantings now at the four year average.

Many farmers would say it’s been a slow year for corn and soybean planting with cool and wet conditions across many states. However, the latest crop progress report shows planting is not as far behind as some would think.


The May 15 report shows 71 percent of the corn is planted in the 18 states that planted 92 percent of the 2016 corn acreage – one percent ahead of the four-year average (2012-2016)..Two states that were way behind average now lead the pack in planting completion. Iowa is 85 percent complete compared to the state’s average of 75 percent, and Minnesota is 84 percent complete compared to the average of 70 percent.

States that are below average include Illinois (75/77 percent); Indiana (56/62 percent); Kansas (60/72 percent); Ohio (49/57 percent); Pennsylvania (35/52 percent) and Wisconsin (48/52 percent).

Corn emergence is another story. Across the 18 states, 31 percent of the corn crop has emerged compared to the average of 36 percent.

The majority of states are currently below their average for corn emergence. Even Iowa and Minnesota are behind. Iowa has 28 percent emerged compared to the average of 35 percent and Minnesota has 20 percent compared to 32 percent.

Other states that are behind in progress include Illinois (47/50); Indiana (29/33); Missouri (20/32); Nebraska (31/34), Ohio (24/25), Pennsylvania (20/19) and Wisconsin (3/12).


Soybean planting is right on the overall four-year average of 32 percent.

Iowa and Minnesota are the Midwest leaders in soybean planting. In Iowa, farmers report 40 percent completion compared to their average of 32 percent. And in Minnesota, producers are 47 percent finished compared to the average of 40 percent.

Meanwhile, other big soybean states such as Illinois and Indiana are running a little behind. In Illinois, farmers report 23 percent in the ground compared to the average of 31 percent; 23 percent in Indiana compared to a 31 percent average.

Ohio and Wisconsin are also lagging behind. In Wisconsin, only 15 percent is completed compared to the average of 20 percent; in Ohio, 19 percent is finished when they usually have 27 percent in the ground.

Although soybeans are in the ground in many states, emergence is not happening yet. However, they are running right on average. Farmers reported 8 percent of the soybean crop planted has emerged. The average for this week is 9 percent.

Minnesota and Wisconsin producers say none of their crop has emerged yet. Meanwhile, Illinois reports six percent has emerged, which is below the 9 percent average. In Indiana, four percent has emerged compared to the 11 percent average.

Other states running behind are Iowa (2/4 percent); Ohio (5/6 percent) and Missouri (4/7 percent).

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