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Feedback From The Field - July 9, 2018

Growers voice concerns about conditions.

Bryce Knorr 1, Senior Market Analyst, Farm Futures

July 9, 2018

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The latest Crop Progress report could show deteriorating conditions for corn and soybeans. At least that’s the opinion of growers reporting Feedback From The Field last week.

And unlike most years, when hot, dry weather for pollination is a concern in July, this year’s varied growing season raised a slew of worries.

This producer in Michigan was only 80% planted on soybeans and tried to do more on Independence Day but couldn’t finish. “Almost got stuck twice and was not even to the wet side of the farm,” was the result.

Soggy soybean fields are a problem in many areas after torrential rains. But all the moisture was impacting corn too, according to a producer south of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, where the corn was mixed.

“Good color and yellow and in same field,” was the report. “Total fields flooded out due to rivers flooding.”

A Missouri grower west of Kansas City was in a different boat – or didn’t need one at all, with rainfall five inches below normal levels. “A lot of potential still there but need significant moisture soon!” was the post.

While growers noted a sharp decline in corn ratings, with soybeans also slipping, weather also impacted the winter wheat harvest.

“Have harvested 3 days out of the 10 days of wheat harvest due to constant rains,” said a grower in northwest Kansas.

While growers there dealt with hail, high winds blew across other fields. “A lot of wind and a little too much rain,” reported a Minnesota farmer who worried about green snap. “Not looking as good as a few weeks ago.”

What’s happening out your way? Click this Feedback From The Fieldlink to rate crops in your area and provide comments about your fields. We’ll update reports frequently with the interactive map below that lets you see what other growers are saying around the country. Click the box in the upper left-hand corner to bring up the weekly index; scroll down to see the most current week.

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Bryce Knorr 1

Senior Market Analyst, Farm Futures

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