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The Next Evolution of Fungicide Protection

At a recent crop tour hosted by Syngenta Crop Protection in Alexandria, La., the next evolution of disease protection was introduced. Quilt Xcel™ fungicide contains two proven brands, Quadris® and Tilt® fungicides, in a new ratio designed for Southern corn and rice growers.

“Originating from the same marriage of Quadris and Tilt that originally brought us Quilt® fungicide, Quilt Xcel includes a higher ratio of azoxystrobin – the active ingredient of Quadris – to form an ideal mix for Southern growers,” said Eric Tedford, Syngenta technical brand manager. “We use the term ideal given the amount of disease pressure and the perfect storm of environmental conditions that often lead to disease development in the Southern region.”

Offering both preventive and curative disease protection, Quilt Xcel helps maximize yield and quality at harvest to enhance profitability. Its longer-lasting residual activity provides broad-spectrum control of diseases that impact yield potential, including gray leaf spot and rust in corn and sheath blight and kernel smut in rice.

Showcasing corn test plots at the LSU AgCenter Dean Lee Research Station for tour participants, Tedford continued, “The visual differences between the Quilt Xcel treated corn and the untreated corn are easy to spot. Not only is the Quilt Xcel treated corn taller, it’s also greener, the stalk is larger, and there are more kernels per cob. In studies we’ve done in corn, we typically see a 10 to 15 bushel per acre yield increase with the treated versus untreated checks.”

Presenting rice trial work during the crop tour, Doug Anderson, Syngenta crop manager, reiterated the value Quilt Xcel brings to the Southern market. “Quilt Xcel, with its two-to-one ratio, gives rice growers the extra residual needed in the South. Sold as a premix, Quilt Xcel provides the convenience of only one jug and rate flexibility without any tank mixing. We tested Quilt Xcel on large scale demo plots and the treated rice consistently yielded a greater return on investment – in the $80+ range over the untreated check – illustrating the excellent fit Quilt Xcel has in our rice market.”

For corn and rice production, using a quality fungicide is one of the best ways to ensure healthy, high yielding crops. Southern producers know this. Syngenta understands this. And Quilt Xcel proves this.

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