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RC10 controller, blue box
SIMPLE, CONNECTED: The new RC10 controller is not much to look at on the pivot, but it provides growers full monitoring and control of a pivot through a cloud based system. This is the RC10i, for independent.

New irrigation controller unveiled

Reinke launches new control that's brand-independent, allowing upgrades to most control boxes.

Remote control and monitoring of irrigation pivots is becoming more important every year. Farmers are finding that they can manage a pivot just as accurately from the farm kitchen as they can standing by a control box out at a pivot tower. And more farmers will be able to do that with the new RC10 controller from Reinke.

The system is available in two versions, according to Sabreana Witt, sales and marketing support specialist, Reinke. "There's the RC10i, for independent, and the RC10d, for dependent," she explains. "The independent version can be connected on the pivot center or at the power box for any brand. The dependent version is installed inside the touch panel."

This new controller is linked by cellular modem or satellite connection to the ReinCloud platform, which is Reinke's ag data service. Through this cloud-based dashboard, producers can manage pivots across their farm, but also analyze soil moisture data and check the weather from that single system.

"This is a new remote management product that will work with competitive brands," Witt notes. She explained that this brand-agnostic approach allows producers to pull all their pivot controls together into a single management system.

Through the controller, the user can start the pivot, stop it, control direction and speed —all through the web-based ReinCloud system. The controller is providing users with a much higher level of remote interaction than in the past.

Making a connection
And the RC10i is simply a box that attaches to the pivot, with no monitor. You manage the unit through the cloud. For the RC10d, the unit is inside the control box — and with this product, the user also manages the unit through the cloud.

The cloud-based ability to control the system works on smartphones, tablets and desktop computers. The system can capture irrigation system data for analysis by the farmer. Growers also can organize their property, zone and equipment, making it easier to gain access to control and monitor their ag-based tools.

Witt explains that with the RC10, it's possible for growers to update older panels with this new remote-control and monitoring technology. "This can be an upgrade for those older systems," she notes.

The base price for the system, which must be modified to work with competing brands, is $1,000 for an RC10d (for dependent) system. The cost of the RC10i (for independent) is $1,250. The product is available for order now.

The RC10 is housed within Reinke's patented, double-wall tower box and can be mounted at the main control or end of the system. You can learn more about the new system at


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