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New structural design enhances seeding accuracy of 9000 Series White PlanterNew structural design enhances seeding accuracy of 9000 Series White Planter

White Planters introduces new 9000 Series row-crop planter.Planter includes a cast-design row unit that contains fewer parts and increased strength and durability.The new 12-row, narrow-transport, three-section Model 9812-30 offers 30-inch row spacing and the efficiency of a Central Fill System.

April 14, 2013

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A little air can go a long way when it comes to White Planters new 9000 Series 12-row, narrow-transport, row-crop model planters.

White Planters has been employing its positive-air seed metering system in its row-crop planters for years. The new 9000 Series planters are designed with a number of improvements that help make positive-air seeding even more accurate.

“All it takes is the amount of air required to blow out a candle,” says Randy Peterson, a product marketing specialist for AGCO’s White Planters unit. Peterson was describing the amount of air pressure required to operate the company’s edge-drop seed metering technology.

He and other AGCO specialists spoke at a dealer/media product introduction event AGCO held at the Rivercenter Convention complex in Davenport, Iowa, April 10.

The enhanced design of the 9000 Series seed meter offers more consistent, uniform air pressure throughout the full circumference of the seed meter to gently, yet securely hold each seed in a seed cell until it is released into the seed tube.

A longer, tapered cutoff brush helps hold even light seed, such as sunflower, in the seed cell to ensure critical seed singulation. In addition, White Planters’ positive-air metering system means the planter is far less impacted by changes in airflow or leaks and also eliminates the need for annual maintenance of seals required by vacuum-based systems.”

One of the new efficiencies in the White Planter is that the airflow is routed through the 7-inch X 7-inch steel planter frame, a move that means fewer hoses and hose connections that could allow air to escape rather than reaching the metering system, says Gary Hamilton, senior product marketing specialist with White Planters.

Bottom Release

With the exclusive edge-drop design of the seed disc, seed is released near the bottom of the seed disc rotation so the seed can naturally travel down and slightly rearward in the curved seed tube. This minimizes seed contact with the seed tube for more exacting drop and superior in-row seed spacing required for higher yields.

“The new 9000 Series is ideal for row-crop producers who expect exceptional performance in the field and appreciate simple planter maintenance and operation,” says Hamilton. “We’ve been building durable, long-lasting planters for nearly 40 years, and we’ve learned what it takes to deliver seed placement accuracy in a wide range of conditions.

“The extensive redesign of the 9000 Series puts it all together in one package and makes this the most significant introduction in a dozen years for White Planters,” Hamilton notes.

The new cast row unit on the 9000 Series consists of only three components, reducing part count by 70 percent and providing greater strength and durability for long life. Machined assembly points also enhance durability and ensure precise alignment of all components. Maintenance has been minimized with the elimination of grease zerks in the row unit itself, and accessing the seed meter, removing the seed hopper and changing the seed disc are still extremely easy and convenient.

Larger, 16-inch double-disc seed trench openers allow planting depth to be increased to 4½ inches, and depth is now adjustable in quarter-inch increments. Closing wheel down-pressure adjustment (if desired) is made easier by simply slipping a 1 1/8-inch (29mm) wrench over the adjustment handle for more leverage. Easy adjustment and operation allow operators to quickly set the row units to deliver consistent seed-to-soil contact for uniform crop emergence and optimum yields. Changes throughout the row unit minimize maintenance and further enhance durability.

Featured in the 9000 Series introduction is the all-new 12-row, narrow-transport, three-section Model 9812-30, which offers 30-inch row spacing and the efficiency of a Central Fill System (CFS).

Tremendous demand

“We’ve had tremendous demand for a 12-row, 30-inch planter that provides the convenience of narrow transport and the productivity increases that come with a Central Fill System,” says Hamilton. The 9812-30 joins two other three-section, narrow-transport models, the 9816-30, 16-row and 9824-30, 24-row 30-inch planters. These three-section frames flex 21 degrees up or down at each wing for consistent planting depth across irregular terrain and fold to a 12-foot transport width for convenient movement from field to field.

As with other planters in the Series, the White Planters Model 9812 may be equipped to fit the needs of nearly any production system. It carries 90 bushels of seed in the CFS hopper or may be equipped with either 2- or 3-bushel individual row-mounted seed hoppers. The 9812 is available with ground-drive or variable-rate hydraulic-drive seeding-rate control. Row shutoff control and variable-rate seed and fertilizer application are made possible with the addition of the C1000 or advanced C3000 terminal/monitors. A pneumatic row unit down-pressure system, two-section point-row shutoff clutches and individual-row auto-row shutoff system are optional.

Closing wheel choices include angled rubber, angled cast iron and single-“V” trench press wheels to ensure seed trench closure in no-till or conventional-till fields. Various tillage and fertilizer attachments also are available. A 300-gallon liquid fertilizer system may be used with the CFS, and a 750-gallon liquid fertilizer tank is used with row unit–mounted versions.

For full details about the new White Planters 9000 Series and the all-new Model 9812, visit white-planters.com.

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