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Choose a seed tender that fits the needs of your operation.

Investing in the right seed tender saves time, reduces seed damage, and wear and tear on your body.

When it comes to busy times on the farm, planting season is second only to harvest season and anything that helps a producer save time, ultimately saves money.

Bulk seed can be purchased and delivered in a variety of methods. With rapid changes in technology and ever-expanding farms, true bulk seed has overtaken seed bags and mini bulk bags in many cases, creating a need for ways to transport seed quickly and efficiently.

Seed tenders or carts have been around for a couple of decades and are generally for either center flow seed boxes or true bulk style seed tenders. Seed carts that handle bulk boxes are typically available as two or four box models, however, six box versions are available. Capacities for true bulk also vary, depending on manufacturer. Other options to consider include a scale, talc hopper, and whether you want your seed tender equipped with a conveyor or auger.

When choosing a seed tender, producers need to consider a variety of factors such as planter type and size, acres to plant, and type of seed to plant. There is also a wide range of features available from brand to brand and model to model. Potential buyers should look closely at the total value of a seed cart and what's important for their operation. Conveyor vs auger, scale vs no scale, true bulk vs bulk boxes, dry talc kit, and overall size are the major decision points. Additionally, creature features such as power unit quality, torsion axles, aluminum rims, and fit/finish can add value.

With seed carts priced anywhere from $10,000 to over $40,000 today, cost is also a consideration. Rather than focusing solely on the upfront cost, farmers should look at total cost of ownership, their unique needs, and the value this purchase brings to their particular farming operation.

Whether delivered in boxes or true bulk, bulk seed is here to stay. Get the most out of your bulk seed delivery by choosing the best send tender for your farm.

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