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Wrapping up the fall show season
PEANUT BUTTER: Peanuts come from the south, and just what are peanut butter makers up to? You can learn that at the Georgia Peanut exhibit at Sunbelt Ag Expo. The author got turned on to a new product he has to travel south just to buy.

Wrapping up the fall show season

Farm shows are a highlight of the job, and each offers a different view of agriculture

If you’ve ever read this blog, chances are you know I like farm shows. It’s one of the perks of being owned by a company that has two of the biggest shows in its stable of events. Cool beans to walk the Farm Progress Show and see what’s happening there; or to enjoy the updates at Husker Harvest Days where 5 miles of concrete really can make a difference!

I’ll be finishing my fall show visits next week at Sunbelt Ag Expo. It’s a Southern show that captures more crops including cotton and peanuts. You’ll find a research farm, field demos and plenty of interesting equipment on hand for timber too (there’s a lot of woods down south).

I’m lucky because not only do I get to cover the show, but I also get to spend some quality time with the Southeastern Farmer of the Year honorees. This forward-thinking group of producers has a lot of ideas and insight into what it takes to make a farm “go” for the future. During a special Farm Progress event we host these 10 honorees along with past honorees for a no-holds-barred roundtable where they talk about their businesses. I learn plenty and have enjoyed every roundtable I’ve hosted. I’m looking forward to my next one.

Sunbelt Ag Expo is set up on an airfield. The facility has some great permanent buildings. And of course, it’s in South Georgia so there are gnats (you get used to ‘em). But it’s where I can catch up on the latest in cotton and peanut technology. Both crops are measured in new ways for yield and data management and learning about that is helpful in how I look at equipment technology across the industry.

In addition, as a lover of peanut butter, I can sample new products at the Georgia Peanut exhibit (and I try to snag a grilled peanut butter and jelly sandwich every year). It’s one highlight of the event – and just like that homemade ice cream made with two-cylinder engines at the Farm Progress Show – it’s not to be missed.

So as I pack up to head south this year, I’ll look forward to what’s familiar at the Moultrie, Ga., event; and I’ll also keep my eyes open for new tools and equipment to share. It’s part of the job, and for farmers who travel to farm shows, you know it’s a way to keep up on what has become a very fast-paced business.

If you’re heading to Sunbelt, enjoy the show. I plan to.

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