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hand reaching into bowl of popcorn
UNIQUE SNACK: If you’ve never popped popcorn on the ear before, you’re in for a treat. Your children or grandchildren will be ready to dig in as soon as it’s cooled and in the bowl.

Indiana-grown and processed popcorn makes special treat

Hoosier Fare: Popping popcorn on the ear creates a unique experience.

Amaze your kids, grandkids or friends and have a special treat at the same time. All you need to do is pop up popcorn on the ear from Groomsville Popcorn. Pull an ear out of the two-ear package, place it in one of two parchment bags provided, and put it in the microwave. Set the timer for 2 to 3 minutes, depending upon your microwave. You’re ready for the popping to begin!

I tried this unique product with my grandchildren. They found the idea of putting a whole ear of popcorn into a bag, and then into the microwave, quite interesting. I even held the 4-year-old so she could watch the bag fill with plump kernels after the popping sound caught her attention.

Almost all kernels popped, producing a full bag of popcorn. Once it was opened and cooled, the grandkids marveled at the blank cob inside. Of course, they reached for the popcorn right away. Since no salt or butter was added in the bag, you can add salt and/or butter to suit your taste. The grandkids ate it straight from the bag. I preferred adding salt. Nothing is fresher than popcorn popped straight from the ear!

This unique product is produced by Chester’s Healthy Harvest LLC, Sharpsville, Ind. It’s grown and packaged in Tipton County, and carries the Indiana Grown seal.

Indiana Grown is a promotional program of the Indiana State Department of Agriculture. Heather Taulman, the program’s director, says the goal is assisting people who grow and sell Indiana-produced products.

I bought my two-ear package at the Indiana Grown display in the Horticulture Building at the 2019 Indiana State Fair. If you live near Sharpsville, you can purchase it direct, or you can order online. Groomsville Popcorn also offers 2-pound bags of unpopped popcorn. Learn more at

This is the first article in a Hoosier Fare series reviewing Indiana Grown products.

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