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PERC announces new propane farm incentive program

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Press release: Producers interested in participating in the updated program are encouraged to act quickly to take advantage of limited incentives available.

This is a media release sent by manufacturers or other agriculture businesses and posted into one place.

The Propane Education & Research Council has streamlined the application and qualification processes for its Propane Farm Incentive program, which provides financial incentives to qualifying and selected farmers who purchase propane-powered farm equipment in exchange for real-world performance data.

 Sponsored by PERC, the program is designed to help farmers experience the benefits of new propane technology while helping offset the upfront costs of new agricultural equipment and gathering valuable information for increased efficiency and development of new equipment. While its purpose will remain unchanged, the program’s application process has been updated. Instead of applying online, a limited number of application packets have been made available to equipment dealers and distributors, who in turn can provide applications to qualifying ag producers.

 “These program changes will allow producers to work more closely with the dealers and distributors who are most knowledgeable about the equipment, making the application process and new equipment installation as smooth as possible,” said Cinch Munson, director of agriculture business development at PERC. “Producers can already save big by switching to propane because it runs more efficiently, lowers fuel costs, and cuts down on maintenance — and the program offers an excellent opportunity to save even more.”

 The updated Propane Farm Incentive Program will offer a limited number of incentives, including $300 per liter of fuel displacement for propane-powered irrigation engines (up to $5,000 total), $30/kW for propane-powered generators, $3,000 for propane-powered crop dryers, $1,500 for propane-powered flame weed control systems, and up to $2,000 for propane-powered water or building heating systems.


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