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Most unusual display found at Farm Progress Show

Soucy Track military troop carrier
ATTENTION-GETTER: Few people walked by the Soucy Track display at the Farm Progress Show without doing a double-take. Many walked in for a closer look of this battlefield replica vehicle on real tracks.
Commentary: Soucy Track catches attention with a sleek movie-set vehicle running on its tracks.

One of my jobs at the Farm Progress Show each year is to uncover new products. Working with three other Farm Progress editors, we discover more than 200 new products each year.

The best way to get someone in the booth to look at your wares, including an editor, is to have a unique display. Why is it worth walking into your display and talking to you?

Soucy Track took that challenge to new heights with the vehicle it parked in the middle of its space, surrounded by examples of track products for agriculture on all sides. The company makes tracks for all kinds of applications, including but not limited to agriculture.

There, in the middle of the space, was a vehicle that looked like it came either straight off the battlefield or out of a James Bond movie. Long and sleek and black, naturally, the center doors pivoted up to reveal the hatch. It had winches on each end so it could pull from either direction. And of course, it was equipped with Soucy rubber tracks.

To put it mildly, it was one mean-looking fighting machine!

As it turns out, it’s a scaled-down version of a military troop carrier used in battle. Soucy also makes tracks for the real ones that face difficult terrain in various parts of the world.

Apparently, James Bond never drove it, but rumor is it found its way into a couple of other Hollywood flicks.

My main job was looking for new products. Obviously, you’re not likely going to use this military-geared replica to pull a corn planter, or even haul employees. Soucy didn’t actually have any new ag products this time.

But the company got plenty of people to stop and look at its products, and talk to its reps, myself included. If sales start with showmanship, Soucy knows how to do it right!

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