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Beck's releases new tools in FARMserver to help farmers dive deeper into management zones

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Press release: This information is distributed directly from Beck's.

This is a media release sent by manufacturers and other agriculture businesses and distributed directly. 

Beck's  announced the release of several new tools available in their precision farming service, FARMserver, which enhances farmers' ability to utilize variable rate technology. For more than three years, Beck's precision farming team has been researching, developing, and revolutionizing FARMserver's Management Zone Tool. The Management Zone Tool now features an option to add field elevation, a new multi-layer tool, an irrigation pivot tool, and enhanced test blocks.

Developed with the farmer in mind, FARMserver is a secure, online, web-based solution that gives farmers complete control of their data. In 2015, Beck's launched the Management Zone Tool in FARMserver that puts management zone creation in the hands of farmers. It provides them with the capability to analyze fields based on soil type, Crop Health Imaging, and historical data, and then create zones to generate variable rate prescriptions for multiple fields at the same time.

"FARMserver is and always will be developed with feedback from our customers in mind," said Craig Rogers, precision farming lead at Beck's. "Because we understand that farmers know their fields the best, the new tools and features give them the ultimate flexibility when creating management zones."

Multi-Layer Tool

The Multi-Layer Tool gives farmers the ability to create management zones using multiple different layers of data. Now, instead of treating all layers equally, they can independently treat the layers. The Multi-Layer Tool offers the flexibility of variable rate technology without all the hassle of having to create complex equations. In addition, the Multi-Layer Tool keeps a history of the different settings so farmers can create the best zones for each field.

New Irrigation Pivot Tool

As irrigation continues to grow in popularity, FARMserver users can look at zones both inside and outside the irrigation pivot. Beck's developed an easy way to create an irrigation pivot and adjust the zones to be higher or lower inside and outside the pivot. 

Elevation Tool

Field elevation directly impacts water and productivity. With the addition of the Elevation Tool, it will help farmers give the right attention to the right areas of the field. 

Enhanced Test Block Feature

The Test Block feature in FARMserver offers farmers confidence that they are planting the right population and applying the right amount of nitrogen. Beck's precision farming team has enhanced FARMserver's Test Block function by allowing farmers to add test blocks to the same exact place, year after year. By consistently using the same location, the data will remain clean and can be utilized long-term.

"Our number one priority at Beck's is to help farmers succeed, and that means providing the tools and resources to help them be more efficient, maximize yield, and save money", said Rogers. "We're excited to continue offering an industry-leading precision farming solution that's easy to implement and will help them understand their data to make better decisions that can benefit their operations."

FARMserver is free to all Beck's customers that purchase Beck's corn or soybeans. For more information about FARMserver, visit


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