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This year, Iowa sent about 3,000 members, many of whom received various awards, to the National FFA Convention.

November 7, 2022

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County FFA member, Tieryn Tucker holding her American FFA Degree
NATIONAL FFA HIGHLIGHT: Greene County FFA member Tieryn Tucker of Jefferson, Iowa, was one more than 4,000 FFA members to receive her American FFA Degree at the 2022 National FFA Convention in Indianapolis recently. Courtesy of Greene County FFA

The 95th National FFA Convention & Expo celebrated its annual in-person convention the last part of October in Indianapolis. More than 69,000 FFA members and guests from throughout the United States, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands attended this year’s event.

The Iowa FFA Association had representation from more than 3,000 attendees involved in all facets of the event. The following is a summary of results and accomplishments of Iowa FFA members in the respective national events.

American Star finalists

Each year at the National FFA Convention & Expo, four FFA members are honored with American Star Awards for outstanding accomplishments in FFA and agricultural education.

The American Star Awards, including American Star Farmer, American Star in Agribusiness, American Star in Agricultural Placement and American Star in Agriscience, are presented to FFA members who demonstrate outstanding agricultural skills and competencies through completion of a supervised agricultural experience. A required activity in FFA, an SAE allows students to learn by doing, by either owning or operating an agricultural business, working or serving an internship at an agriculture-based business or conducting an agriculture-based scientific experiment and reporting results.

Sixteen American Star Award finalists from throughout the U.S. are nominated by a panel of judges who then interview the finalists during the national convention and expo. Four are named winners and receive cash awards totaling $4,000. Blake Frascht of the Charles City FFA Chapter was selected as an American Star Farmer finalist.

Agriscience Fair national finalists

The Agriscience Fair is for FFA members who are interested in the science and technology of agriculture.

Students can compete in 36 divisions across six systems areas: Animal Systems; Environmental and Natural Resources; Food Products and Processing; Plant Systems; Power, Structural and Technical; and Social Science. Divisions are set based on junior (grades 7-8), intermediate (grades 9-10) and senior (grades 11-12) projects, and whether the project is conducted by an individual or a pair.

  • Animal Systems, Division 1: fifth-place gold, Allison Knipper, Beckman Catholic FFA

  • Animal Systems Division 4: eighth-place silver, Kayla Burkle and Libby Hageman, Beckman Catholic FFA

  • Animal Systems, Division 6: reserve national champions, second-place gold, Jasmyn Hoeger and Gabrielle Hoeger, Beckman Catholic FFA

  • Environmental Services/Natural Resource Systems, Division 1: national champion, first-place gold, Ryan Squires, North Scott Middle FFA

  • Environmental Services/Natural Resource Systems, Division 2: national champions, first-place gold, Leah Funke and Valerie Rahe, Beckman Catholic FFA

  • Environmental Services/Natural Resource Systems, Division 6: sixth-place gold, Joseph Schneider and John Paul Grebner, Beckman Catholic FFA

  • Food Products and Processing Systems, Division 2: ninth-place silver, Chloe Thier and Amaya Koelker, Beckman Catholic FFA

  • Food Products and Processing Systems, Division 3: ninth-place silver, Kelly Snyder, Beckman Catholic FFA;

  • Food Products and Processing Systems, Division 5: national champion, first-place gold, Libby Knipper, Beckman Catholic FFA

  • Food Products and Processing Systems, Division 6: fourth-place gold, Taylor Mayhue and Cole Wessel, North Scott FFA

  • Plant Systems, Division 3: fourth-place gold, Maria Kruse, Beckman Catholic FFA

  • Plant Systems, Division 4: 10th-place silver, Benjamin Schuckert and Noah Gaul, Beckman Catholic FFA

  • Plant Systems, Division 5: fifth-place silver, Grace Helle, Beckman Catholic FFA

  • Plant Systems, Division 6: eighth-place silver, Leah Their and Olivia Mensen, Beckman Catholic FFA

  • Power, Structural and Technical Systems, Division 3: 10th-place silver, Andrew Salrin, Beckman Catholic FFA

  • Power, Structural and Technical Systems, Division 5: reserve national champion, second-place gold, Tessa Tauke, Beckman Catholic FFA

  • Social Science, Division 2: eighth-place silver, Hannah Schlichte and Isabel Kluesner, Beckman Catholic FFA

  • Social Science, Division 5: fourth-place gold, Lauren Cherne, Beckman Catholic FFA.

National Chapter Award

The National Chapter Award program recognizes FFA chapters that successfully complete an annual program of activities, which includes a series of activities designed to encourage its members to grow as individuals, to work as part of a team and to serve others.

Winners include: Belmond-Klemme FFA, Two Star; Benton Community FFA, Three Star; Brokaw FFA, Two Star; Central Trail FFA, Two Star; Charles City FFA, Three Star; Creston FFA, Two Star; Decorah FFA, Two Star; East Buchanan FFA, Three Star; La Porte-Dysart FFA, Three Star; Little Switzerland at; Waukon FFA, Two Star; Marengo FFA, Two Star; Midland FFA, Two Star; Newton FFA, Two Star; North Fayette Valley FFA, One Star; North Linn FFA, Three Star; North Scott FFA, Three Star; Sibley-Ocheyedan FFA, Two Star; South Winneshiek FFA, Two Star; Sumner-Fredericksburg FFA, One Star; Vinton-Shellsburg FFA, Three Star; Wapsie Valley FFA, Two Star; Waverly-Shell Rock, Two Star; Webster City FFA, Two Star; Western Christian FFA, Three Star; and West Liberty FFA, Three Star.

Charles City FFA represents Iowa in the Hall of States.

The Hall of States at the 95th National FFA Convention and Expo provides the opportunity for each state to showcase agricultural education, FFA and the agricultural industry in their part of the country.

Proficiency Awards national finalists

The Agricultural Proficiency Awards honor FFA members who, through their SAEs, have developed specialized skills that they can apply toward their future careers. Four national finalists are selected for each of the award areas and will go on to compete for a national proficiency award. National agricultural proficiency award winners are announced onstage during the National FFA Convention.

The Iowa winners include, in agricultural communications, Megan Clark, DeWitt Central FFA; diversified agricultural production, Evan Mogler, West Lyon FFA; and forage production, Hayden Holdgrafer, Easton Valley FFA.

National FFA band, chorus, and talent

Every year, members from across the nation audition to be involved in the National FFA band, chorus and talent. National FFA band and chorus members have various rehearsals and perform on stage at National FFA Convention. Talent has the opportunity to perform on stage at one of the general sessions. One of the talent acts is selected after multiple competition rounds as top talent at the end of convention.

  • Iowa’s national band participants included John Heitman, Storm Lake FFA; Charles Moeller, Holland FFA; Kjersten Ouverson, Clear Lake FFA; and Rachel Rollinger, Vinton-Shellsburg FFA.

  • Iowa’s national chorus participants included Rachel Haupt, AGWSR FFA; Aaron Lee, Le Mars; and Laura Steinkamp, Carroll Area.

  • Iowa’s national talent participant was Samuel Roberts, Williamsburg FFA.

Career Development Events

Career opportunities abound within today’s agriculture industry. Career Development Events help students develop the abilities to think critically, communicate clearly and perform effectively in a competitive job market. CDEs cover a variety of job skills in everything from communications to mechanics. Some events allow students to compete as individuals, while others allow them to compete in teams.

  • In creed speaking, Emma Lihs, Bondurant-Farrar FFA, received a bronze.

  • In the dairy cattle handlers’ activity, Blake Sparrgrove, North Fayette Valley FFA, received silver. In employment skills, Tucker Rohrig, Creston FFA, received gold.

  • In extemporaneous public speaking, Megan Clark, DeWitt Central FFA, received bronze.

  • In prepared public speaking, Emma Humphreys, Columbus FFA, received silver.

  • In agricultural communications, the team from Montezuma FFA received gold. Team members were Camryn Brennan, Makenna Johannes, Alivia Cline and Madison Van Zee. Gold individuals were Camryn Brennan, Makenna Johannes and Madison Van Zee. Silver individual was Alivia Cline.

  • In the agricultural issues forum, the team from Calamus-Wheatland FFA received silver. Team members were Kyle VanderHeiden, Emily Boeckmann, Ava Cavey, Megan Forret, Courtney Knoche, Malana Mohr and Kahlie Hill.

  • In agricultural sales, the team from Muscatine FFA received silver. Team members were Grace Williams, Avery Schroeder, Ella Schroeder and Addison Karen Weggen. Silver individuals included Avery Schroeder, Ella Schroeder, Addison Weggen and Grace Williams.

  • In agricultural technology and mechanical systems, the team from West Lyon FFA received silver. Team members were Nathan Knapp, Kendon Knoblock, Jesse Wulf and Kortlin Knoblock. Gold individual was Jesse Wulf. Silver individuals were Nathan Knapp and Kortlin Knoblock. Bronze individual was Kendon Knoblock.

  • In agronomy, the team from Denison FFA received silver. Team members were Maci Kaub, Cole Carlson, Emma Reisz and Johnathan Graeve. Gold individuals were Johnathan Graeve and Emma Reisz. Silver individual was Cole Carlson. Bronze individual was Maci Kaub.

  • The conduct of chapter meetings team from East Buchanan FFA received silver. Team members were Lindsay Beyer, Kreighton Peck, Ayda Cook, Kalli Sherman, Tristan Lindsay, Kate Dolan and Mikel Dolan.

  • In dairy cattle evaluation and management, the team from North Fayette Valley FFA received gold. Team members were Kerigan Alexander, Dillion Sparrgrove, Kylie Oakland and Alexis Steffens. Gold individuals were Kerigan Alexander and Kylie Oakland. Silver individuals were Dillion Sparrgrove and Alexis Steffens.

  • In environmental and natural resources, the team from Algona FFA received silver. Team members were Aidan Morris, Logan Lentz, Ian Fehr and Reid Louwagie. Silver individuals were Ian Fehr, Logan Lentz, Reid Louwagie and Aidan Morris.

  • In farm business management the team from Montezuma FFA was named national champions gold. Team members were Mia Boulton, Colton Benson, Madison Johannes and Maguire De Jong. First place gold individual was Colton Benson. Fourth place gold individual was Madison Johannes. Eighth place gold individual was Mia Boulton. Maguire DeJong also received a gold.

  • In floriculture, the West Liberty FFA received ninth place gold. Team members were Ava Morrison, Sophie Buysse, Pearson Hall and Seth Axsom. Gold individuals were Seth Axsom and Pearson Hall. Bronze individuals were Sophie Buysse and Ava Morrison.

  • In food science and technology, the team from Diamond Trail FFA received bronze. Team members were Nate Richards, Trey Voeller, Meredith Chipps and Rylee DeHaai. Gold individual was Trey Voeller. Bronze individuals were Meredith Chipps, Rylee Dehaai and Nate Richards.

  • In forestry, the team from Muscatine FFA received bronze. Team members were Landon Castle, Camden Furnas, Belinda Brain and William Eichelberger. Gold individual was Belinda Brain. Bronze individuals were Landon Castle, William Eichelberger and Camden Furnas.

  • In horse evaluation, the team from Newton FFA received silver. Team members were Cadence Horn, Addison Ross, Madison Henwood and Trinity-Ann Hanson. Gold individual was Cadence Horn. Silver individuals were Trinity-Ann Hanson, Madison Henwood and Addison Ross.

  • In livestock evaluation, the DeWitt Central FFA team received silver, team members: Coly Tobey, Nicholas, Reemtsma, Ryan McGarry and Caleb Kruse. Gold individuals were Caleb Kruse and Cole Tobey. Silver individual was Ryan McGarry. Bronze individual was Nicholas Reemtsma.

  • In marketing plan, the team from Montezuma FFA received fourth place gold. Team members were Kallie Robison, Owen Cook and Abby Pope.

  • In meats evaluation and technology, the team from Muscatine FFA received gold. Team members: Robert Carver, Jenna Lovstad, Cory Shank and Hadley Carver. Gold individuals were Robert Carver and Jenna Lovstad. Silver individuals were Hadley Carver and Cory Shank.

  • In milk quality and products, the West Dubuque FFA team received silver. Team members were Kyla Higgins, Libby Lansing, Maci Cook and Adrianna Shepherd. Gold individual was Libby Lansing. Silver individuals were Maci Cook and Kyla Higgins. Bronze individual was Adrianna Shepherd.

  • In nursery and landscape, the team from West Liberty FFA received bronze. Team members were Cole Daufeldt, Cael Daufeldt, Caden Laughlin and Cameron Iske. Silver individuals were Cael Daufeldt, Cole Daufeldt and Cameron Iske. Bronze individual was Caden Laughlin.

  • In parliamentary procedure, the West Liberty FFA team received bronze. Team members were Finley Hall, Paige Werling, Dominic Hernandez, Amerie Alvarado, Addyson Lehman and David Mahoney.

  • In poultry evaluation, the team from Louisa-Muscatine FFA received ninth place gold. Team members were Brelynn Randall, Kendal Pugh, Skyler Beck and William Hoopes. Gold individuals were William Hoopes and Brelynn Randall. Silver individuals were Skyler Beck and Kendal Pugh.

  • In veterinary science, the team from Williamsburg FFA received bronze. Team members were Brett Fenton, Erin Driscoll, Mariana Stevenson and Sage Huber. Bronze individuals were Erin Driscoll, Brett Fenton, Sage Huber and Mariana Stevenson.

American FFA Degree

The American FFA Degree is awarded at the National FFA Convention and Expo each year to less than 1% of FFA members, making it one of the organization’s highest honors. In addition to their degree, each recipient receives a gold American FFA Degree key. There were 158 American Degree recipients from Iowa.

  • AC-GC FFA: Jaden Carney, Rylee Sloss and Emma Vogl

  • Adel-Desoto-Minburn FFA: Kaitlyn Jimmerson

  • AGWSR FFA: Josh Bartling and Trevor Clawson

  • Albia FFA: Nicholas Stephen Heffron, McKenna Ann Striegel

  • Alburnett FFA: Emily Armstrong, Jordan Balderston and Grant Soukup

  • Algona FFA: Caleb Christensen

  • Anamosa FFA: Elizabeth Maurita Riniker

  • Aplington-Parkersburg FFA: Diana Mulder

  • Atlantic FFA: Taylor Marie McCreedy, Caroline Rita Pellett and Garrett Wayne Reynolds

  • Audubon FFA: Alisha Petersen

  • BCLUW FFA: Abby Feldpausch and Deidra Green

  • Beckman Catholic FFA: Laina Marbach and Shelby Ann Westhoff

  • Belle Plaine FFA: Zach Brecht, Hannah Cook, Katelyn Cook and Tori Hlas

  • Benton Community FFA: Garrett Coffland, Machaela Marie Ingalls and Quintin Volesky

  • Boone A&M FFA: Megan Osborn

  • CAM FFA: Emily Kristine Plagman

  • Carroll Area FFA: Nathan Randy Kroeger

  • Cascade FFA: Emily Jo Trumm

  • Central Lyon FFA: Gabe Kooiker, Korinna Thedens and Trey Vande Kop

  • Central Plains FFA: Breyton Cline and Blake Peterson

  • Central Trail FFA: Ethan Bundt and Morgan Nordyke

  • Charles City FFA: Maxwell Deeter, Bronson Forsyth, Blake Frascht, Tanner Heitz and Lynn Hoeft

  • Creston FFA: Danika Schultes

  • Davis-Rodgers FFA: Sam Martin and Quentin Slater

  • Denison FFA: Cory Miller

  • Dewitt Central FFA: Heather Cernek, Kailey Clark, Carson Deppe and Spencer Paysen

  • East Buchanan FFA: DeAnn Lentz

  • East Union FFA: Kanyon K. Huntington

  • Easton Valley FFA: Darin Banowetz and Maddi Klemme

  • Fairfield FFA: Sophia Jo Mineart and Bradley Smithburg

  • Forest City FFA: Natalie Elizabeth Jefson

  • GMG FFA: Conner Murty and Layne Murty

  • Greene County FFA: Tieryn Tucker

  • Grundy Center FFA: Leah Mosher

  • Hawkeye FFA: Logan John Studer, Cole Joseph Thilges and Brandon Andrew Yoch

  • IKM-Manning FFA: Kamryn Lesle

  • Independence FFA: Avery Hanaway

  • Indianola FFA: Mara Leslie Cosenza and Jenna Nichole Tlach

  • Interstate 35 FFA: Brock Thompson

  • Knoxville FFA: Mickayla Renee McGill

  • Lansing FFA: Brooke Stanley

  • Lawton-Bronson FFA: Bailey McKenna and Haley Williams

  • Le Mars FFA: Kiley Allan

  • Lenox FFA: Chelsey Hoakison

  • Linn-Mar FFA: Paige Elizabeth Adams

  • MVAO FFA: Camric Hamann and Noah Oberreuter

  • Maquoketa FFA: Lane Stender

  • Marengo FFA: Nichole Gerard and Paige Jergens

  • Midland FFA: Kole Michaud and Kirstin Schaefer

  • Mid-Prairie FFA: David Murray

  • MMCRU FFA: Katie Lynn Bush

  • Monticello FFA: Adele Hogan and Marissa Recker

  • Mount Ayr FFA: Brice Phelps and Ally Shelley

  • Murray FFA: Hailey Chew, Bailey Frederick, Chance Lecy, Cole Lecy and Daniel Little

  • Muscatine FFA: James Sprague

  • New Hampton FFA: Taylor Bearman, Madison Kolbet, Lexie Maloy and Jayda Nehl

  • Nodaway Valley FFA: Jennifer Louise Holliday

  • North Cedar FFA: Mariah Behrens

  • North Fayette Valley FFA: Mia Gibson, Peyton LaVerne Halverson and Zachary Richard Ihde

  • North Scott FFA: Evelyn Bauer, Grace Bjustrom, Cole Claussen, Chloe Engelbrecht, Abbi Lafrenz and Ceandra Staub

  • Northeast FFA: Ciera Grace Krogman, Colton Lyle Holdgrafer, Kesley Ann Holdgrafer, Beth Marie Lamp and Sierra Elizabeth Wegener

  • OA-BCIG FFA: Kaitlyn Riessen

  • Oelwein FFA: Jackson Vande Vorde

  • Osceola Big Chief FFA: Adam Lee Barnard

  • Panorama FFA: Reagan Gibson

  • Pleasantville FFA: Trenton James William Major and Madison Riley Orewiler

  • Riceville FFA: Chad Robert Eastman and Christopher Eastman

  • Rockford FFA: Maggie Hain

  • Sioux Central FFA: Ben Hargens

  • South Winneshiek FFA: Carson Brincks

  • Southeast Warren FFA: Dylan James Alexander, Logan Alexander, Allison Rae Cooper, Kylie Jo Forkner, Justin Daniel McCaulley and Luke Ashton Wickett

  • Spencer FFA: Ty Schoelerman

  • St. Ansgar FFA: Sydney Therese Patterson

  • Tipton FFA: Keith Urmie

  • Turkey Valley FFA: Isaac Franzen, Raegan Kime and Savannah Schmitt

  • Van Buren Harmony FFA: Audrey Smith

  • Vinton-Shellsburg FFA: Philip Kalina

  • Wapello FFA: Christopher Ewart

  • Wapsie Valley FFA: Brady Benning, Kaylee Jean Kleitsch, Ethan Oltrogge, Courtney Anne Schmitz and Dallas Ray Wittenburg

  • Washington FFA: Ellie Bell and Leah Evans

  • West Branch FFA: Emily Harold

  • West Liberty FFA: Lindsey Laughlin and Chancellor Thrasher

  • West Lyon FFA: Jordan Klarenbeek

  • West Marshall FFA: Delaney Nichols

  • West Sioux FFA: Kolton Eisma

  • Wilton FFA: Kyle Joseph Lund

Source: Iowa FFA Association

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