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Kids help, but still learning

Our kids get real-world experience on the farm.

Those of you who were paying attention to the picture last week probably figured out that was no college student washing the sprayer. It was our 10-year-old, Ivy. It just happened that her time to have ‘operator training’ in the sprayer included the last field for the summer and clean up.

We try to include the kids on a regular basis, not that they will become farmers, but because it is a simply a good experience. Whether a trip to town for supplies or bouncing across the field, dad and I always try to teach them something. Lately our 8-year-old son Emry has shown more interest than in the past. Several days of the week he is up and ready to go when I walk out the door. I take him with me when it is safe to do so. I know when school starts back up this won’t happen much. The teacher (aka mom) is a real stickler for kids getting their work done before any rides can be accepted.

Odd job ‘opportunities’

The kids also get a have opportunities to do odd jobs. Yes, some of those so called ‘opportunities’ are mandatory. Somewhere they learned how to invoice. It seems a day or two after they work, an envelope appears in the office inbox. So, going along with it, I ask the bookkeeper to cut them a check. Now they can learn how the bank works when they go to deposit or cash the check. It’ll be a couple years before they must learn about Uncle Sam!

Now that public school is back in session, Ava, our oldest (7thgrade), has decided to play volleyball. Last year when we checked around, (before the student enters high school) each school has a different policy on allowing home school students to participate in extracurricular activities. Some schools required a half day attendance, some required attendance at the daily special class (art, music, physical education, etc.), and some schools simply allowed participation regardless. This will be her third season participating in school sports.

In fairness to all children, I should probably mention that our 6-year-old Onya simply adores her new little sister Ulise. Ulise was born nearly two weeks ago and is doing well. Onya has made a smooth adjustment to no longer being the youngest. I think it’s because she wants to be like the big girls, and nothing is holding her back now.

Like all the children, my wife Rachael chose to have her at home with the assistance of a midwife. Everything went smoothly, and our oldest two were able to participate in the delivery.

Apparently Emry took me seriously when I said the outnumbered boys are going to move out to the shop loft. He keeps telling everyone he sees. I guess that’s how rumors get started!

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