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Zimmatic introduces alternative pipeline

Whether your water is acidic, alkaline or contains chemicals — there's a need for a Corrosion-Resistant Alternative Pipeline from Lindsay Manufacturing Co., makers of Zimmatic center pivots.

With the introduction of its new poly-lined pipeline, Zimmatic now offers three long-lasting pipeline solutions for corrosive water conditions growers face everyday. High-quality materials and heavy-duty construction means durability and trouble-free service for years.

But which pipeline is the right fit?

Poly-lined: Zimmatic's unique process for inserting polyethylene liner into galvanized steel pipe makes the product suitable for both low and high pH irrigation water.

It is the ideal choice for several industries, including agriculture, food processing, chemical, textile, mining, municipalities, pulp and paper.

The heavy-duty, high-density polyethylene liner handles corrosive water conditions and reduces friction losses, saving money on energy costs.

Stainless steel: The perfect pipe for long-term use, especially under conditions in dairy farms, waste-water treatment plants, feed water heaters and evaporators and heat exchangers in power plants. The high-alloy steel offers the highest level of corrosion resistance and retains a potentially high resale value.

Aluminum: This option offers greater flow efficiency thanks to the ultra-smooth interior surface. Even in the harshest conditions, this pipe will provide superior corrosion resistance and is an option for processed water and livestock wastewater applications.

This is the preferred choice for pH levels between seven and five.

In Memphis, Texas, Wayne Sweatt with Golden Spread International Services says the poly-lined pipe can save growers thousands of dollars in the long-run.

“The poly-lined pipe is resistant to any known farm chemical today,” said Sweatt. “You can run any kind of water through there, nothing will hurt it. I really feel that in the years to come, poly-lined pipe will make up 80 percent to 90 percent of my business.”

A local Zimmatic dealer can help you decide which pipeline is right for your operation by performing a water analysis. Visit <> or call 1-800-829-5300.

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