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Yetter introduces All Steer High Capacity Cart

With farms getting bigger and growers trying to cover more acres, having the tools that make it easier to plant on time without having to tear your hair out are becoming more and more important for producers.

With growers' patience — and hair — in mind, Yetter Farm Equipment has introduced its new 2000 Series All Steer High Capacity Cart for use with the larger planters that are becoming increasingly popular with farmers.

The All Steer Cart is equipped with a 1,600-gallon tank that allows growers to apply starter or pre-plant or side-dress fertilizer, herbicides or insecticides without having to stop and refill as often or carry as much water to the field.

“What makes the All Steer High Capacity Cart unique, however, is its tire-tracking feature where the rear tires track the front tires at all times, resulting in less compaction or less downed crops,” said Kent Woodford, product marketing manager with Yetter Farm Equipment.

“Having the rear wheels track the front helps give the operator a tighter turning radius on the turn-row or getting around a crook in the field or other obstacles.”

Woodford said the All Steer has a low-profile tank design that helps lower the Cart's center of gravity. It also has a reinforced steel frame and tank saddle to increase the life of the implement.

Excellent ground clearance

The All Steer Cart has a generous 27 inches of ground clearance from the bottom of each axle when the Cart is equipped with 18.2-26 tires, he said.

“Both axles pivot on greasable fifth wheels, and the front axle pivots horizontally 10 percent up or down from centerline to relieve stress. Both front and rear axle assemblies are constructed of structural steel tubing.”

The All Steer Cart has a heavy duty eight-bolt 6,000-pound hub at the center of each of the four rims, Woodford noted. It also features 2.75-inch spindles to support 24,000-pound maximum load.

“Standard 18.4-26/10 ply industrial tractor lug tires provide a wide foot print for less soil compaction,” he says. “These large diameter tires roll easier, reducing the horsepower requirements and providing better floatation.”

Woodford said the 120-inch wheel treadwidth provides greater load stability and allows the axles to straddle the rows. “And overall wheel width stays within the transport width of most planters.

“The All Steer was designed by a man who owned a welding shop in Iowa, he said. “Two of his customers were using liquid fertilizer applicators on their farms, but they wanted to get the weight of the tanks off the tractor. They believed a cart was the answer, but they wanted it to follow along without getting off the rows.”

Based in Colchester, Ill., Woodford said most sales of the Cart have been in the Midwest, but that the All-Steer is now available in the Mid-South and Southeast.

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