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Serving: Central redesigns online exchange Web site

In response to requests and survey results, has redesigned its Web site to make it easier to use. The new look will simplify the buying process and maximize member savings.

The following modifications have been implemented:

  • Name Your Price will be the only method of purchasing on
  • The most popular products traded will be listed for all members to view.
  • Average price ranges will be easily accessible.
  • Generic equivalents will be easy to find and buy.

“Our customers have repeatedly told us that the Name Your Price method of purchasing is the most effective way to get the products they're looking for at a great price. We want to make it even easier and better,” says Jeff Stow, sales manager of XSAg. was founded in 1998 and has continued to grow to more than 80,000 registered members.

“Although we do our share of marketing, XSAg's strong growth is primarily due to members spreading the word about our low prices,” said Stow. is an online trading platform, or exchange, which provides a secure Web site to buy and sell agricultural chemicals and other ag inputs. is not the buyer or seller of the products and never takes possession of products; is only the facilitator of the transactions agreed to in the trading process.

The majority of trading occurs via Name Your Price listings where a buyer lists the product he wants at the price he wants to pay. The buyer can be specific on quantity, product age and pack size.

If the seller meets the price, the buyer pays exactly that price — nothing more.

Once a seller meets the buyer's price, the transaction is closed, and the buyer immediately receives an invoice via e-mail.

If a seller chooses not to meet the listed price, but would like to submit an alternate offer, the seller can e-mail a higher offer that the buyer has the option of accepting or rejecting.

This is a risk-free practice. Buyers do not have to accept any higher offer than they are willing to pay.

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