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Boost Your Soybean Yield

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For farmers to maximize soybean yields, they need to maximize their management. Often soybean management takes a backseat to corn.

Variety Selection: Location Matters
In soybeans, variety selection and genetics are management factors producers have control over, and they can be the most important factors in maximizing soybean yields. All things being equal, variety selection can influence yield more than 30%.

Which varieties those are, no matter the company you buy from, will depend on your location and weather patterns. There is help in determining what variety you should plant. Download our free report: Boost Your Soybean Yield below.

Crop Rotation: How Do Yields Fare Following Corn?
Studies show farmers can switch to no-till beans after corn without yield loss, and for soybeans following two years of corn, the odds of improved bean yields are slightly better.

For more information on crop rotation, download our free report: Boost Your Soybean Yield.

What Else You Will Find In Your Boost Your Soybean Yield Free Report?

1. Common Diseases And Pests That Rob Yields
One of the best techniques a farmer can use to manage soybean cyst nematode is to rotate resistant soybean varieties.

2. Thinking Of Replanting? Use The Replant Guide To Make Decisions
Soybean replanting is a different ballgame than corn replanting.

3. Does Early Stress Affect Bean Yield?
Can early stress influence soybean yield if rainfall approaches average amounts later on in the growing season?

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