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Limagrain launches new spring wheat varietiesLimagrain launches new spring wheat varieties

Pacific Northwest growers get new spring lines designed to thrive in the region.

February 1, 2017

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IMPROVING WHEAT: Two new lines of spring wheat will bolster the choices Pacific Northwest growers have for spring varieties, expanding the Limagrain Cereal Seeds lineup.

Limagrain Cereal Seeds is rolling out two new hard red spring wheat varieties to its Pacific Northwest lineup. The new lines — LCS Iron and LCS Luna — were bred specifically for the region. Here are more details on each:

LCS Iron — suited for high-rainfall areas
This variety is designed for farmers looking for an irrigated or higher-rainfall spring wheat option with solid tolerance to current races of stripe rust. The new variety has a wide area of adaption — extending from Washington and Oregon down into southern Idaho, and even into Montana.

LCS Iron also has a solid pedigree right from the start. It is the highest-yielding hard red spring wheat in both the University of Idaho North trial over three years, and the Washington State University trial in the 20-inches-of-rainfall category over three years. It is also the top-yielding released variety in the 2016 WSU trail (12 to 16 inches of rainfall).

LSC Luna — a dryland choice
LCS Luna has had strong performance in Pacific Northwest trial sites with dry to medium-rainfall environments. LCS Luna was the second-highest-yielding hard red spring wheat in the UI North trial over two years, the highest-yielding hard red spring wheat in the WSU trial over three years (less than 12 inches of rainfall) and the top-yielding variety in the 2015 WSU trial (16 to 20 inches of rainfall).

This variety has very stiff straw and medium maturity, which suits it for fields in southeast Washington, northeast Oregon and northwest Idaho.

Two more varieties
These two new varieties join releases bred by UI as part of the LCS line. UI Platinum is a hard white spring wheat adapted to six states in the Pacific Northwest. It has solid straw strength, shorter height, good test weight and solid yield potential, and was the second-highest-yielding hard white spring wheat in the 2016 WSU trial (12 to 16 inches of rainfall).

UI Platinum has also shown solid end-use quality characteristics, which makes it popular with millers. For the last three years, it has also been consistently at, or near, the top of regional yield trials.

UI Stone is another choice. This high-yielding, disease-resistant soft white spring wheat has been bred for both irrigated and dryland conditions in southern Idaho. It was the highest-yielding soft white spring wheat in the UI South trial over three years, and showed exceptional irrigated yield performance in Oregon State University trials.

The ongoing partnership between LCS and UI has resulted in cutting-edge genetics for the Pacific Northwest like UI Platinum and UI Stone. Both parties look forward to further collaborative innovation to benefit local farmers. Learn more at limagraincerealseeds.com

Source: Limagrain Cereal Seeds

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