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ALL NEW: WestBred rolls out six new hard red spring and wheat winter varieties for the Northern Plains this year.

6 new WestBred wheat varieties

New wheat varieties are for the Northern Plains.

WestBred has released six new wheat varieties for the Northern Plains to certified seed suppliers this year. They will be available commercially in 2018. The varieties include:

• WB9479. A medium-maturing hard red spring variety with high yield and protein potential for the Dakotas and Minnesota. Excellent test weight and standability and a good disease-resistance package are all combined in this medium-short variety.

• WB9578. A hard red spring variety with excellent yield potential for irrigated crop systems in Montana, Idaho and Washington. This medium-short, medium-maturing variety has excellent standability and test weight, along with yellow (stripe) rust and leaf rust resistance.

• WB9590. A broadly adaptive hard red spring variety with outstanding yield potential and protein content for Minnesota, Montana and North Dakota. A short plant height contributes to the variety's superb standability. This variety’s disease-resistance package includes very good leaf rust and yellow (stripe) rust resistance.

• WB9616CLP. A hard red spring variety with Clearfield Plus Technology. It combines excellent yield potential with the flexibility of the Clearfield Production System for tough-to-control grassy weeds in Montana. Best suited for dryland conditions, it is a medium-short variety with very good standability and Hessian fly and yellow (stripe) rust resistance.

• WB9719. A broadly adaptive, medium-late-maturing hard red spring variety with outstanding yield potential. Suitable for irrigated to dryland environments across the Pacific Northwest and Montana, this medium-short variety has excellent standability and test weight, and a strong disease-resistance package.

• WB4575. An excellent dryland variety for the Montana market. Its quality and protein profile make it an excellent choice for baking and milling. Excellent wheat stem sawfly resistance has been observed, though it is not a solid-stem variety.

Many of the new varieties will be included in the WestBred Certified Seed Only (CS0) program. CSO-designated varieties are protected by a Single Use License Agreement. Growers may only use the purchased seed variety for planting and producing a single crop and may not save any grain produced from the seed for future planting by the grower or any other person.

Source: WestBred

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